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    First Motoring Experiences

    The Austin Allegro has been mentioned recently on another thread as one of the first cars Goaters can remember as being their family car.

    My dad was more of a Ford fan initially - our first car was a Ford Anglia which had raised faired headlights; when you looked at it from the front the lights in concert with the grille made the damn thing look like it was laughing at you.

    My first car was a J-reg Rover Metro 1.1, which unusually had a five speed gearbox (god knows why). It lasted me for 3 years until it began to fall apart big time. Biggest claim to fame was getting done for speeding in it - no one could believe that a Metro was capable of any form of speed whatsoever!

    So what was the first family car you can remember, and what was the first car you bought when you passed your test?
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  2. Day i passed my test me and couple of girls took mum's car for a drive - i stoved it the same night.

    E reg Peugeot 309.

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    Our first car was a Hillman Imp, Blue in colour and utterly destroyed by a drunken German when he hit us outside Bremen. My sister and I were in the back safely wedged in and luckily my dad only had a few bumps and scratches.

    First car was a VW Golf. Excellent little car except the engine would stop if I made the mistake of driving through a puddle. Id then have to wait until it dried out before starting off again!
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  4. First family car: Mk1 Escort estate, M reg '73
    My first car: Mk1 Golf, S reg '77

    If you put the wipers on max it used to shoot screenwash at the same time. Who said the Germans don't have a sense of humour ?

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    Already mentioned the All-Aggro, but also remember the parents having a Fiat Tipo and a Seat Malaga (with a Porsche system engine, so the sticker told us!).

    My first car was a B reg, 1.0L Peugeot 205. I boy-racered the feck out of it, blacked out windows and huge Fido-dido stickers down each site (yes, in hindsight, it probably looked utterly ****). I drove that thing to it's death - the clutch literally fell off the engine.

  6. Californina Imp (Coupe Imp) Did me proud for many years.

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    First family car was a DKW Junior 3 cylinder 2 stroke. Flowed by an Audi Super 90.
    My first car was a Mini Clubman Estate 1000 CC.
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  8. We never had a family car but the first car I bought after passing my test was a Mk4 Zephyr. It was being used as a private hire cab in Stamford and a few times I got taken back to a top secret airbase nearby in it. I came to an agreement with the driver on one such journey and bought it the next day.
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  9. First car I really truly remember is my dads car. E reg beige Polo. Went with him to look at it and buy it (i was very young - weirdly I know we went in a car and know what car it was through photos etc - Y reg blackberry polo but I have no memory of that one!)

    First car I owned is the very same car - E reg Polo.

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    First recollection of a family car was a very rusty brown, touched up with a brush, Hilman Avenger, vividly remember the black vinyl sets from summers wearing shorts.

    First personal car was a 850 mini, learnt so much about how cars worked from 12 months with that.

    Managed to get behind the wheel of an Avenger many years later, what a dog.

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