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  1. One follower is one too many.

    I'm a citizen not a subject
    "The socialism I believe in is everybody working for the same goal and everybody having a share in the rewards. That's how I see football, that's how I see life."

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    Europe has the far right in their parliament s because they have proportional representation, something we've avoided so far.

    Never did like UKIP there representatives were bad enough, hate to have thought how Looney the general following was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justintime129 View Post
    One follower is one too many.

    I'm a citizen not a subject
    I agree, and I would also say that the followers of Antifa, Owen Jones, Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson, PewDiePie (whoever the f**k they are), Russell Brand, Momentum, the Young Conservatives and X Factor are one follower too many too....

    The point is that Mr Yaxley-Lennon only appeals to a small, potentially brain dead section of the population. IMHO his views have no place in British society and he anything he says or does will be treated by the majority with the contempt it deserves.
    Lister: Lister to Red Dwarf, we have in our midst a complete smegpot. Brains in the anal region. Chin, absent presumed missing. Genitalia, small and inoffensive. Of no value or interest whatsoever.
    Commander Binks: Binks to Enlightenment. Evidence of primitive humour. The human displays knowledge of satire and imitation. With patient tuition, could perhaps master simple tasks.
    Lister: Lister to Red Dwarf. Displays evidence of spoiling for a rumble. Seems unable to grasp simple threats. With careful pummeling, could be sucking tomorrow's lunch through a straw.
    Commander Binks: Binks to Enlightenment. The human seems to be under the delusion that he is somehow capable of bestowing physical violence to a hologram.
    Lister: Lister to Red Dwarf. The intruder seems blissfully unaware that we have a fairly sturdy holowhip in the Munitions cabinet. And unless he wants his derriere minced like burger meat, he'd better become history in the next two seconds flat


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