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    Will it Ever be the Same Again?

    I was contracting in Brizzle last week so nipped out for a 'table for one' cuzzer to my favourite ruby house...It was fecking mobbed so the Indy-bum chap asked a big table of blokes if I could squeeze on the end as there was a seat and it was agreed!

    I did the usual contractor thing of diving onto my phone but listening to their conversation...They were obviously all self-made/successful business men who had been on a golfing day out and were rounding it off with a ruby. They all seemed to be long-term friends and many of them played rugby together as well by the sound of it...But they were bickering over Brexit...someone had broken the new 1st rule of not mentioning it in a social setting and now they were sniping at each other and it was spoiling their evening by the look of it...

    And I thought 'isn't the UK an angry and generally less happy place to reside at the moment?'.

    Then I wondered 'Will we ever get back to some sort of parity/a happier place ever again?' as no matter which way the next few months go half the country is going to be very p1ssed off.

    Thoughts from you feckers?
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