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  1. Raw Recruits Squaddies at 16 - Channel 5

    Don't usually watch TV, but was flicking through late last night and caught the show - WTF?

    One recruit fails CDT and is given a second chance, comes back off leave and tests positive again for weed AND ketamine; they then convene a board and are discussing keeping him in!

    They did kick him out in the end, but the fact that there was potentially an option to keep him in after 2(!) failed CDTs shows how on their arse the army is.
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    The dumb-ar$e in question had fnuked up several times previously and had been invited for a "chat" with the CO before and this was his final chance which he failed in true style.
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  3. Blimey, didn't know the back story stuff - makes it even worse.

    I know these are kids off the street and we are in a recruiting crisis, but the end result is these guys will have access to weapons, maybe at some point be front line.

    Zero tolerance should be enforced; feck them off first time and let them get some life experience - if they are prepared to pack in the drugs, then by all means give them that 2nd chance. But admin vortex, 2 failed CDTs, he should have been gone long before now and it will send a clear message.

    However, RTS is stat collecting and that seems to mean lowering of standards all round - just pass them out and they become someone else's issue it seems.

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    Aside from that I've been quite impressed with some of those kids...and that's what they They actually take to the life and get bent into shape. Always going to get some FU's but that happens in all walks and if they can't manage to reach the low standards of a grunt you fear what might become of them?

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    The Paras did one on ITV recently, I thought it was pretty good. I enjoy watching them get beasted!
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    Wasn't there a debate on whether to keep the Para's going, in light of their need for jumping out of airplanes is all but defunct. Seeing the art of war is now moving flying glorified or expensive lets be fair Drones, then what is the function of sending in ground troops, when Silent Sid or Hush Sally can cough up a missile down a travelling tail pipe. I had the privilege to live and work with the 3 Para's in Salamanca Camp in Belize as a lonely Corporal Heli Refueller, Hard men to a fault. And the war stories from Northern Ireland Falklands and others adventure were hair raising. No Doubt today's Paras can even share the same table of accounts dealing in Gulf wars too. I will alway doff my cap to these folk. But with today's advancements I can see a super forward force combine. Possible the same with the RAF and Army Air Corp in the future defending our Space Stations from invading Marshmallow like Aliens that giggle when pushed or prodded with your finger.



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