Like many of you my TV seems awash with advertisers guilt tripping us after the seasonal binge eating and drinking.

According to food manufacturers we are all now gluten/lactose intolerant and need to be vegan as well but the advert that's gripping me the most at the moment is PELETON.

For those that haven't seen it look here. But basically its a spinning bike connected to a webcam/screen so you can do a spinning class at home.

Mrs Fold mentioned it saying it looked like a good idea so I looked it up, f**k me you need to be a wealthy loon to even think of buying it.

The basic bike cost (lowest) is 1990 and then you have to subscribe to website for the princely sum of 39/ month.

For those prices you could buy and run a car, drive to your nearest gym get membership and access all their spinning classes, plus any other classes, all the gym equipment and possibly pool, sauna, Jacuzzi etc.

The only plus side I can see from the website is the profile pictures of the female instructors who are all stunning but I suspect that the opportunity to ogle them sweating away in lycra will be limited especially if they can see you!