I'm nicely in my resettlement period now and whilst there is a plethora of official courses that can be attempted as listed on the CTP Workshop site, I am aware that there are many other options.

Now whilst I do find it tempting to bugger off somewhere nice such as Cape Town and earn a PPL by flying up and down Table Mountain for 6 weeks, I am cognizant of the potential employment opportunities with the right quals under my belt.

Background: 22yrs Elec / Avionics Engineering with considerable fast jet experience in Typhoon and F35. HNC Elec Eng and BSc (Hons) Eng Management recently earned with a desire to take up a high profile Engineering Management position with a Military Contractor such as BAE or LM.

Of course I don't need to remain rigidly within the sphere of Aviation Engineering as my recent quals show I selected them to give me more choice, so I am willing to consider other areas such as Rolling Stock, Plant Machinery etc.

What courses or training did you complete during resettlement, and how beneficial did you find it towards your second career?

Any advice goaters as always, is very much appreciated.