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    Quote Originally Posted by busby1971 View Post
    So military humour is officially no longer thing now?

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    Pretty much. There's still banter, but it depends entirely on where you are and who's around you... got to be careful what's said to who, where, when, who's around you, etc etc etc.....these days, if you call your mate a cnut, and some snowflake overheard it, they will likely be offended by the 'rude word' that seriously bruised their sensitive brain, and you'll get done for it.

    Most banter was killed off with the continual surge of E&D / D&I / etc, and the MOD seems keen to be the MOST PC group on the planet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by techie_tubby View Post
    It only took a few hours for the posters to be edited. Some of them are brilliant!! Is it right to share them on here?
    Come on TT where are the posters?

    Never Push a Full Commode PULL IT

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    Quote Originally Posted by penfold93 View Post
    Come on TT where are the posters?
    Plow your way through this thread on ARRSE.
    Patriotism is your conviction that this
    country is superior to all other countries
    because you were born in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GD ON WHEELS View Post
    Plow your way through this thread on ARRSE.
    Could be bothered to go any further with the ARRSE thread but these pages show some of the brown jobs alternative recruitment posters.

    Page 7 Post 129
    Page 9 Post 173
    Page 10 Post 187
    Page 10 Post 199
    Page 11 Post 210
    Stents keeping things open 24/7

    Men have status, boys are busy updating theirs


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