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  1. Colour blindness in the RAF?

    Hi all,
    i知 Not sure if this question is in the right place or not, but I知 new here so please excuse me if it is

    Anyway, I知 17 and have been thinking on joining the RAF for quite a while now, and will be popping into my local AFCO in the new year. I知 pretty confident about joining, other than the fact I am red green colour blind. I know it won稚 prevent me from joining, but will effect the roles I can choose from. I was just wondering if anyone actually knows which roles I can still choose from, even though I知 slightly colourblind?

    Thanks for your help, Brad.

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    Plenty of roles open to people with CP 4 or CP
    3, obviously anything technical and electrical wont work for you, and I think Gunners and Drivers need CP 3.

    The recruiters should be able to confirm, just make sure you do a job you want rather than just one they'll let you do.

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    If you aren't CP2, (can differentiate between green and red) you won't be able to work in a role that requires you have to drive on the airfield.

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    I am CP4 Red Green deficient. Not stopped me doing a lot of things, apart from driving on an Active Airfield (apart from when you are the only person on shift qualified to drive a set of Henly 12000lb FLT and need to unload an incoming A/C). Very funny ATC insisted on a FOA sitting next to me for the entire time I was on the pan, luckily the old Henlys had a spare seat, did i also mention she was freezing her t*ts off as no one had warned her how long it would take.
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    I'm red/Green colour blind and I didn't know until I went to basic training, I'm an aircraft engineer and its never stopped me doing anything, I did have to have extra tests (lantern test) to ensure that I was airfield safe for driving,
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  6. Your local AFCO will have up to date information on this. There are limitations as CP 3 has disappeared now so the RAF only recognise CP2 or CP4. Technical trades and some trades like Air Ops etc are not available if you are CP4 but, if you are not set on a specific trade you are in a good place. Make your application and sit your AST. That will tell you what trades you can do aptitude wise (presuming you have Maths, English Lang and Science or Tech based subject at grade 4/C or above) then go through your Selection Interview to your Medical. If your AFCO have been able to find out CP limitations previously then they can help you when you have done your AST. If not then you can discuss after your medical. But, being honest, the better you do at your AST then the more choice you will have later on to be honest.

    If you have any other questions then feel free to drop me a line.



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