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    Peter Jackson: Why the 1955 Dam Busters film didn't tell the real story

    Peter Jackson is to tell the “true” story of the Dam Busters in a film remake, including details that were not included in the original because they were covered by the Official Secrets Act.

    The 1955 version starring Michael Redgrave and Richard Todd told of the daring Second World War mission to destroy German dams with Barnes Wallis’s ‘bouncing’ bombs.

    But in an interview with The Telegraph Jackson said it presented a “romanticised” view and was short on detail because so much of the planning was kept out of the public domain.

    “It’s just a great story. It’s always been a great story. But it’s an even greater story now than it was in 1955 because back then there was still so much of the story that was under The Official Secrets Act.

    They couldn’t show the bomb spinning because the fact that they applied backspin to the bomb to make it jump on the water was still a state secret."

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    If he tries to keep it as authentic as possible there is one big question in today's snowflake world.

    What to call the dog??
    Stents keeping things open 24/7

    Men have status, boys are busy updating theirs



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