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    34 on Jan 8th................
    Never give up bein a rigger to work behind a desk!!!!

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    Jan 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Whizz View Post
    34 on Jan 8th................
    53 years on 5th of May....

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    Sep 2005
    Anywhere that they will put up with me
    52 years gone by September 8th, and still in contact with some I joined up with. Faceache does have some uses.

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    Sep 2016
    On the road to retirement
    Ah right - it was the 1990 reference that threw me out then.

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    Nov 2009
    In the dishwasher!!
    29 years ago today (6 nov 89) for me, stepped off the train at Hereford (YTS) no Swinderby for me.
    "God invented BEER so that forwards couldn't take over the world"

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    31 years ago on Saturday 10th November 1987 (which means almost 9 years a Mr!)
    Quick job before you go lads............

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Vim_Fuego View Post
    We were watching from a classroom another pass out parade for a course ahead of us when 4 lightings did just that. I nearly dove under a desk ffs! What the family and friends endured at ground zero must have been truly terrifying.
    The young Mrs Seed and even younger Miss Seed were so unperturbed and cool about it that even Zafod Beeblebrox, who was the, so called, coolest person in universe (but the public only heard about him in a couple or three years later) came over covered in mud and other sh!t found on the side of the pan and mumbled about how brilliant their reaction was
    It all started with nothing, then it exploded.

  8. It could have been 44 years, next year, for me but I gave up at 24!
    Can't believe I've been safe and sane for so long!
    ...looked alright to me!

  9. 31 years in (including training) and 19 years out, up to Sept 6th 2018, 15 of those 19 out was working at RAF Waddington.
    Programmers: "Computers will take over the world"
    Engineers: "Only when they learn to wire their own plugs"


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