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Thread: SNCOs Mess Wifi

  1. SNCOs Mess Wifi

    Hi, I'm posted to Cosford soon and will be living in the Mess. Could anyone please give me details of the Wifi options?
    Also, before I spend a fortune on Black Friday, what are the communal kitchen facilities like?Thanks for your help.

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    Last time I was there I used a BT Hotspot for my wifi needs.
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  3. I was there last week and couldn't get BT hotspot wi-fi, though I was in the East Wing a.k.a. 1970s Blackpool B&B if that makes a difference.

    The communal facilities consisted of a microwave:


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    FFS, that takes me back to the GW1 communal toilets...
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  5. Was up there last month. BT Wifi (as mentioned) was fine in accommodation and the free wifi in the bar area was really quick.

    Kitchen facilities were almost zero though.



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