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Thread: Worst Kit Ever

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    Worst Kit Ever

    We have had 'best kit issued' and 'best kit I have ever paid out of my own pocket for' threads but not sure we have covered the worst ever?

    For me it has to be the blue Geltex type jacket we got. People could hear you coming over the sound of a Tornado on max-power runs with a 'swish-swish-swish' and they weren't long enough to keep you properly dry. They also weren't breathable so after a bit f marching/walking around on a wet but warmish day they began to get a bit whiffy on the inside...

    Any others?

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    Along the same lines but the original DPM waterproofs that were never made in a size that fit anyone, could not be worn for more than a few minutes without running the risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion and were about as tactical as a clown outfit.

    Another RAF great was the original blue rucksack that if you used the extendable bit with anything that weighed more than 1 Kg would rip through and dump the contents on the floor.

    Hairy Mary Jumper nuff said.

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    The hairy battledress issued until the mid 70s!
    Hot in summer and itchy, when pressed did'nt keep creases for long. Smelt like a wet dog once wet!
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  4. I never got to grips with the S10 respirator. The S6 was easy to do a canister change, but for some reason the slight angle difference of the S10 fitting meant I invariably got a bit of CS in me.

    I actually loved my blue geltex jacket, not as much as my sexy raincoat though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vim_Fuego View Post
    For me it has to be the blue Geltex type jacket we got.
    As much as I agree with you on this Vim, at least those old 'crisp packet' coats were actually waterproof - or at least, significantly more waterproof than the 'waterproof' raincoat currently available through Stores. I prefer the style of the new one to the old one, but as far as rain protection goes they are about as useful as a bath sponge.

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    The completely rubbish plastic almost polythene like early waterproof jacket and trousers DP's. Totally and utterly waterproof allowing absolutely no liquid in or out it was like being part of some weird boil in the bag experiment. Regardless of outside temperature inside 10 mins you would be sweating like the proverbial in a playground with nowhere for the perspiration to go.
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    I think the white daps that used to be issued have a lot to answer for in nterms of fallen arches, plantar facitus', ripped calf muscles etc etc.

    The Goat lives because you post interesting stuff...stop doing that and it will show us your stuff!!

  8. The Thunderbirds jacket was cr@p.

  9. puttees, I kid you not when we got a set in the 80s I saw old f/sgt- c/tech wearing them like a ww1 tommy or better still dpm and shoes

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    Useless kit? The ear plugs issued to me in 1971, still have them in my shooting box, the sound attenuation was absolutely minimal. Better than empty 2z cases stuck in your ears, but not by a lot.


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