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    Got FB - rarely use it, and when I do I'm reminded how shallow the lives of some of my "friends" (and their "friends") are - they post a selfie of themselves in a pub and have 20+ likes!

    Got twitter - rarely use it. I got it because I wanted to view a post, and it asked me to sign up. Tweeting aint my thing!

    Got WhatsApp and use it regularly - far more cost-efficient than texting, as I can add videos and my network provider doesn't charge me. Like others, I'm part of group chats.

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    Exactly where I want to be
    I have no social media presence (apart from El Goat) whatsoever. Use FaceTime to speak to my family in Oz but that’s it.
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    All of the above

    I have Facebook and use it everyday, I also have a commercial page on FB and its the main page for my services, TWITTER is fantastic for complaining, if you ever have a problem with a product, tweet the company and its usually sorted that day. Instagram is used for communicating with the kids and seeing what they are up to and What'sapp is heavily used at work, in fact most of the military use it. it's the most encrypted site you will ever visit, messages are safe on there as long as you un-tick the save message to your phone in the settings.
    Good food, good accomodation and good pay are the 3 pillars for keeping people happy in the RAF (WO Catering, Inside Brize Norton, Thursday 19th Dec 2013) roll on the day that ever happens.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by ady eflog View Post
    it's the most encrypted site you will ever visit, messages are safe on there as long as you un-tick the save message to your phone in the settings.
    But Facetube that owns Whatup can still collect metadata about your usage levels, who you talk to and how frequently.

    If you want a truly secure system, suggest you look at SIGNAL.

  5. FB i have and I use it wayy too much - did go to remove it but a few groups im with use FB mainly for comms so kept it for that. Also useful for keeping in touch with mates etc. Whatsapp i have but I tend to look at that just purely as a messaging service. not a social media platform. Twitter I do have. Got it initially as the wife was starting her business and needed followers on twitter. Now I have my own and also run a works twitter page.

    Dont use instagram or anything else like that.

  6. Having relocated abroad social media allows me to stay in touch with family and close friends so I have Facebook. While on Facebook I've joined various groups that interest me. I tried Twitter but couldn't really see the point of it so binned it. I message via Whatsapp and Kik because it's free which is the same reason I make calls with Whatsapp and Skype.
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  7. Up to a few years ago I only used Friends Reunited, this site and a couple of others like this, but aviation based and really more to do with work rather than anything else....I thought myself as rather professional in not joining the 'social media' scene.

    But the Group that I then worked for decided that all heads of safety and quality should join a global FB page for international information exchanges - and so I had to get an account...

    Whatever the need to join, having an account leads to browsing whereupon one finds name of individuals last known years before...and it starts...

    I now attend to FB every day, when I have a moment or two free, mostly after dinner. I have been recovering from heart surgery for some while and it is quite slow so FB actually helps me appear busy, even if I'm not.

    I also FT with relatives far and wide so I see it as good Comms nowadays.

    I don't place lots of selfies and pics on line - thats the wife's job!
    ...looked alright to me!


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