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    Do you use social media?

    With the exception of the Goat, I have to say that I have never used, or been tempted to use, social media platforms like facebook and Twitter. I don't have an Instagram or WhatsApp account, and if I am being blatantly honest, I don't really feel the need to acquire one. It might be an age thing, or it might be a reluctance to put personal stuff on the internet - I don't know.

    What about you guys? How important is social media to you these days? Do you plan your lives around it - for example, do you arrange social events on Facebook? Or do you still like to pick up a phone and actually call someone to arrange something social? Culd you live without it - have you been on deployments where you have been unable to access it? And when was the last time you wrote someone a letter of any description?
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  2. I was avoiding them unill my daughters wanted their mum on Facebook, I also joined an old Squadron group and keep up with what is happening with old colleagues. It was pointed out by my daughters that whatsapp is better for sending photos and group messages so that is used a lot at the moment, can I live without them, yes, definately Facebook, but it is like these forums if you don't like what people post don't read it, just move onto those that you are interested in.
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    I use the Goat and Pprune, I have a tw@tter account but that is mainly used as a news feed. Facetube is for cnuts, Instagram is for bigger narcissistic cnuts.

    I don't have whattsapp on my phone either (as the company I work for deem it insecure) but do use Telegram for messaging the Long haired Dictator and the bin lids when I'm away on a job.

  4. No FB, Twitter etc, but whattsapp is awesome! I use whatssapp for work and work banter, but it also excellent for family business.

    We have a 'Brown Family' group where we pass messages/information. and call each other cnuts.

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    I am the media officer for a large rugby club so I push stuff out on FB, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram plus a club website that is the engine room for all our information share. Its essential in this competitive market to get your brand out there. I also use a commercial page on Facebook which is I have to say a powerful marketing tool.

    Personally I only use the Goat and FB. FB came along after I had left and is useful for keeping in touch with mainly ex and still serving mates.

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    I manage an official military Twitter account as well as the webpage and the embedded virtual learning environment. Twitter is an amazing research, learning and communication tool and so I use it for that, especially with the growth of the use of social media in education.

    Personally, as well as Twitter, I use FB and WhatsApp the later is great for keeping in touch with family as a group and also work/military friends groups for 'NSFW' vids banter etc!

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  7. No social media at all, but I do use Whatsapp for calls to my familly only. I still use certain forums for specific things - but I wouldn't really class those as social media. On the odd occasion I have no other way to access something and it's only on FB, I use my wife's account. If not I would have missed out on the TG3 reunion thing down in W-S-M.

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    FB is, unfortunately, required for stalking purposes, as well as Club stuff - it's useful for comms. I had whatsapp, but it got removed when I got a new phone and I've not missed it, so haven't reloaded it. The rest of it I can happily do without.

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    Mainly the goat, I do have a FB account and I have logged on twice this year last time around April I think. I don't twitter, snapchat, instagram or anything else like that with the exception of Whatsapp. I am in a badminton club with a group on there and the darts team also use it. Sometimes I could be "whatsapping" up to 3 or 4 times a week. If all social media platforms stopped tomorrow I wouldn't mind in fact it could be a few weeks/months before I even noticed. But interacting with social media for my teenage mini TB's that's a whole different story.
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    No FB, Instagram or Twitter for me, this is the only forum I use but I do use Whatsapp - Group chat for lots of family stuff (grown up kids away from home, you see) so we all keep in touch through that. I also use it a little for keeping in touch with work colleagues (the odd social message and some meeting arrangements).


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