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  1. RAF Regiment Reserve Officer


    Before I ask my question can I just state; yes I have searched both these forums and Google and cant find any up to date info on this - hence my question here.

    Considering submitting an application for RAF Reg Reserve Office - plenty of information out there regarding the initial officer training however cant seem to find anything on the actual 'trade' training for the role.

    Can anyone provide anything on a course overview or training structure?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    RAF Regiment Reserve Officer

    Your local AFCO will have a Branch Information Leaflet (BIL).
    This will outline the role and have details of training.

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  3. Failing that. Contact a Reserve Regt Flt. There's one at Brize.

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    Regt occifer training = shooty-shooty, shouty-shouty, run-abouty.

  5. I know of 2 who have abandoned the Reserve Regt Officer notion and gone for something a little more.....cerebral and sedentary.



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