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    Time to celebrate!!!

    This headline gives me cause to celebrate. Two electricity wasting, mind numbing wastes of time being taken off air. The move facilitates the removal of airtime from z list celebrities (oxygen thieves) and wannabe z list celebrities trainee oxygen thieves.

    I am struggling to think of one good 'reality TV' show but am happy to be corrected.

    Obviously there are those who would watch them for the voyeuristic opportunities (FOMz) but apart from Mylene Klass in a white bikini but are these rare moments worth the waste airtime.

    On the flip side are media companies losing the ability to make a decent TV show! Trying to re launch old classics (Mel and Sue Generation game) seems to be a non-starter.

    Your thoughts goaters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by penfold93 View Post
    I am struggling to think of one good 'reality TV' show but am happy to be corrected.
    Don't think there has ever been one that the word good could be used for.
    They never did make a live action version of celebrity deathmatch
    Stents keeping things open 24/7

    Men have status, boys are busy updating theirs

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    This sort of stuff needs more airtime for starters



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