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Thread: Cpl-Sgt 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by mad_collie View Post
    The list is out.


    Cpl ***** ***** ********
    Cpl ***** ***** ********
    Cpl ***** ***** ********
    Cpl ***** ***** ********
    Cpl ***** ***** ********
    Cpl ***** ***** ********
    Cpl ***** ***** ********
    Cpl ***** ***** ********

    Note - edited for PERSEC
    I think I know the second guy on the list...........
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    Just 4 names up on the CIT list?

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    A few of the lucky top 30 put it on facebook yesterday!

  4. Checked earlier and it wasn’t on the ECM site - is it up now?

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    Nothing yet. Will probably be out tomorrow at the earliest...
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    It's up today.


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