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Thread: civvy licence

  1. civvy licence

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if it is possible for the raf to put you through your civvy licences at Brize if you get transferred onto voyagers, but can you do this as an SAC or do you have to be promoted to corporal for your licences to start?

    What is the process to get involved in this?

    any info would be much appreciated thanks

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    Use your ELCs and SLCs to do it yourself, leave and earn more money. That’s what everybody else seems to be doing. Myself included.
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  3. If you are clever enough to be a Mech, you are probably clever enough to work your way through the Part 66 modules. Go to your education centre and do some research...then ask abut the possibilities.
    ...looked alright to me!

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    Come on please, why would anyone expect the RAF to sort out your qualifications in the vague hope of them working on Voyager at some point in the future?

    If they don't work on Voyager (or similar a/c on the G reg) they will have wasted time and money (the likelihood will be that these personnel will leave and work elsewhere earning a bigger salary)

    If you honestly want to become an LAE then use your ELC's and start studying off your own back - just be aware that I believe that the modules have a life of 10 years (?) for you to earn your basic licence



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