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    Thumbs up RAF Hipsters Inbound!

    In this, the 100th year of the RAF, I have just been briefed from a reliable source that the RAF policy regarding facial hair is being brought in line to match that of the Navy.

    The proposal is you can grow a beard but it must be a 'full set', beard & (e)goaties!

    I hope they resurrect & update the old RAF haircut poster I remember from my younger days...


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    Kind of makes sense in the 21st century equality across the services and all that. Hygiene standards are far higher than 100 years ago as are accommodation levels (cough maybe) and we are no longer the great unwashed masses. Short hair and no beard stems from ancient times of spears, swords and shields where long hair or a beard was just another handhold for your opponent to grab whilst stabbing your vitals. Interesting to see which direction our brown clad colleagues take.
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    Give it a year and there'll be people wandering around bases with ridiculous hipster beards and 'manbuns'. All Service personnel (including the ladies) should be shorn completely of hair to get that delightful 'convict' look. Worked for me
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    Forgive me if I have this wrong, but I was always under the assumption that the reason you werent allowed to grow legitimate facial hair in either the RAF or the Army was because of the issues associated with fitting a gas mask to your face?

    I'm sure I remember someone back at Swinditz saying that chemical weapons were a lot less effective in a maritime environment hence they were less likely to be used and henceforth matelots of both genders were encouraged to grow them...
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    The majority of European armed forces allow beards.... but anyone with a hipster beard is a proper cnut.

  6. Forgive me if I have this wrong, but I was always under the assumption that the reason you werent allowed to grow legitimate facial hair in either the RAF or the Army was because of the issues associated with fitting a gas mask to your face?
    When I was at RAF Cottesmore and we were on our way to the gas chamber for the annual gas mask check, a Sikh SNCO peeled of and wandered off to the mess, on enquiring why, it was explained to me that having a full beard meant he was excused the gas chamber, on further questioning about going to war the rock Cpl explained that he would have declared that he would shave off the beard and have a gas mask fit check before deployment, one assumes going forward the same thing would apply under the new rules, don't know if this was rock bull****, or actually true.
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    Even the matelots of HM's Boating Society have to shave their faces (including the blokes) if they were ever to go in to action. Something to do with hairy fizogs and the fact that HM's little rowing boats turn in to instant barbecues when hit by a missile
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    Grew a beard twice when in, once in a joint environment and I was asked for my chit all the time, then a few years laters on a RAF Station and I didnít get asked once.

    Both for medical reasons, no way I wanted any extra guar showing, so they disappeared as soon as they could.

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    I was always taught that beards were out because of the need to fit respirators. The navy were still allowed because if they were at sea under NBC conditions they would all be sealed inside their tin cans........ I have seen a sikh friend of mine (really nice guy) without a beard go into the gas chamber with a respirator and a mega long pony tail.....

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    This could be the straw.

    Always read the small print. It usually starts "Your attestation date is....."


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