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    I donít think blaming the police is the right answer, the only people to blame are the ones who committed the abuse, blaming others is just creating a smoke screen to hide the underlying truth.

    The local gov social services and criminal services are culpable in not doing their duty, both of these organisations are controlled by political appointees on a local level and national level.

    I cannot believe that an issue as large as this was not discussed at senior levels, if culture was allowed as an excuse then it is at this level where organisational failure occurred.

    At the end of the day there is enough proof to state that are hundreds of young kids recovering from abuse who were let down by the state, both local and national.

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  2. Responsibility is devolved down, accountability is a chain that goes up. If you cannot be accountable for your own actions to the people who pay you to do a job, you are in the wrong job.

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    I disagree. The rank and file police are just as culpable. If you are aware that this is going on and push it up the chain to see nothing being done or being told to 'just leave it alone' you are just as much in the wrong.

    The whole thing's already moot now, the story is already drifting to the back pages of the newspapers and will soon forgotten about.

    Until the next one.
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    'Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason', Mark Twain.


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