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  1. Best option for SFA


    Iím moving back from overseas in August to Northwood. I was there in 2007 and in SFA at Uxbridge, not the best experience Iíve ever had. In the time since, lots has changed with the running of SFA and most of the quarters at Uxbridge have been sold off. I know there were houses in Northwood, Bushey, Stanmore and West Ruislip, but have no idea what the areas were like. Also, there were loads of issues with the condition of some of the houses back then too.

    i would really appreciate a heads up to the SFA areas available for the non commissioned ranks and the state of the housing. Iím entitled to a 4 bed and could do with a bit of a garden too.

    Many thanks.

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    I was in Stanmore for 2.5 years. Loved it. The houses are decent as ex American MQs. Nice little village with Sainsburys and and AMAZING Indian house (Spice Rack). Used to be a decent Wetherspoons but it's now a Nandos. Was in West Ruislip as well - SFA is OK, but Stanny is far better imo.

  3. 3 years in Stanmore SFA when at Northwood (Dowding). Nice place with everything a short walk away - great for Wembley games/concerts etc.

    Not sure if they are still there though as went past a few weeks ago and alot of building work towards the road with new houses/flats.

    Prime real estate
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  4. I'm sure all the MQs at Stanmore were sold off. I was at Bentley Priory 93-97 and there were mutterings then about selling them. Wished I'd bought one. Nice area.

    There were some MoD quarters in Bushey/Bushey Heath. I went up there a couple of times to meet some guys. Not sure if it was ciivy only though, but that was a few years ago and things change of course. Nice there too as well.

  5. Was offered Stanmore 18 months ago, so unless they have been sold off since then I imagine they are still there. Dowling place.



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