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  1. Aki without TPMH

    Having served at TPMH, Aki a couple of times (03-05; 07-09) I am curious as to how things are without a hospital on camp?
    Has it being closed (and torn down) had much of an effect on life on camp? If not, explain why not. If it has, pray tell!?

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    My Son was born there in 1990 so became a British citizen. So as there are no facilities for births on the Island do the local Hospitals provide the service and what with will the birth certificate say.
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    I've done a few tours on the other side of the island. My daughter was born at TPMH on our first tour.

    These days (or at least, when I was there last, in 2014), the stn med centres don't / can't deal with anything more serious than a broken fingernail - everything's pushed out to either DHK med centre or the hospitals in Limassol, and the only major drawbacks to Limassol (other than language barriers) are transport and lousy parking.

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    I was a scaley brat and was born in the hospital in Famagusta (Not the BMH in Dhekalia)and have a British Birth Certificate.. (mores the pity nowadays.. ; - i could do with being Cypriot from next year)

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    My youngest son was born in HK at Matilda Hospital (private civilian) after BMH Kowloon closed. He has a HK birth certificate, a British birth certificate, and a UK passport.

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    No dramas without the hospital. My youngest was born in the Polyclinic and there were no issues at all. Private hospital, no problems with the language and on her British Birth Certificate it says born in Limassol.

    For my sins I was part of the team that prepared it for demolition. It was sad to see it go, but it was falling down and needed millions spent on it.



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