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  1. One of the things that makes contracted out services (to central and local government) completely inefficient and non-cost effective is the regulated tender process that must be followed by any agency funded by tax-payers. Most of the time this simply maintains the layers of outdated standards and bureaucracy - I guess you could say that agile procurement is seen as being too difficult to audit and is therefore avoided by the legacy brain in charge.

    I know for a fact that many technology services provided by the likes of BA Systems, BT, Computer Centre and others are completely over-priced and include far too much legacy technology simply because the "experienced" people who are heading up the procurement projects know very little about new stuff and are too "relaxed" to attempt to trust and understand the new-guys who are doing their best to improve stuff. Eventually the new guys (who remain) end up being conditioned into being the dinosaurs that their current leaders are.
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  2. When I was working, the office Aircon control panel stopped working, I knew about 'approved supplier' list, but apparently there is also 'approved buyer lists' and the firm that supplies the Aircon bits would not sell them to Carillon as they weren't on the list, makes you wonder why.
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    From persons in the business

    Carillion have been allowed to get too big and borrow far too much money on the back of contracts. Government Contracts on tender should require the company to lodge funds to cover shortfalls in action and be commensurate with contract value. It will be us, the lower echelon that suffer the losses, the bosses have squirrelled their salaries and bonuses already, the hole in the pension fund will not affect them too much. Will be interesting times over the next few weeks, I don't have to worry as there are a lot of other avenues and HS2 will be picked up by others.
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  4. Can't wait to see the back of this lot.

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    Is this a case of CHEAP and UNFIT for purpose like so many other MOD contracts. Only this one was unable to run late and charge the MOD again and again and again like BAE Systems, Ships and Aircraft?????? It will fly on time and not leak after sea trils???

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    well it's happens they have just gone into liquidation, this morning is going to interesting at work.
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  7. A large sign went up in Bracebridge Heath about the Eastern bypass, guess who is/was doing it, supposedly going to be finished:

    The bypass is being built by UK firm Carillion Construction and will see new roundabouts built at Greetwell Road, Washingborough Road, Lincoln Road, Branston and the A15 Sleaford Road.

    The bypass will cost in the region of £99 million with £50m of central government funding, £15m from LCC and £34m from third party developers.
    The third party developerís costs will be forward-funded by the county council as they will take several years to recover, depending on the speed that houses are built.

    Supposedly to be completed by end of 2019, with the caveat:

    *All future dates are projected and subject to change dependant on external factors.
    Programmers: "Computers will take over the world"
    Engineers: "Only when they learn to wire their own plugs"

  8. MoD claiming business as usual because continuity plans mean that the partner companies (Amey?) will take on the whole responsibility for maintenance.

    We'll see.

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    Just read this article appears CarillionAmey will hopefully be unaffected

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  10. How can a company who was in such a financial predicament and whose share price was plummeting downwards still be awarded government contracts
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