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  1. Sally Jones killed in air strike with 12yr son

    White widow Sally Jones as been killed in a drone air strike along with her 12yr old son

    Good riddance to the traitorous bitch. Her 12yr old son was also killed in the attack. Is it morally right to kill the child. Children are being killed everyday in Syria. There are pictures on tinternet of him dressed in Isis uniform with a gun in hand aiming it at prisoners dressed in orange jumpsuits. Is a casualty of war or should they have waited until he was away from his psychopathic mother

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    Its a good question. While I shall shed no tears over her demise, you have to wonder if it her son could ever have been truly de-radicalised, or whether he was just going along with it because thats what these inhumane individuals wanted.
    Rimmer: I've no idea who you are, but boarding this vessel is an act of war, ergo we surrender! And as prisoners of war, I invoke the All Nations Agreement article number 39436175880932/B.

    Kryten: 39436175880932/B? All nations attending the conference are only allocated one car parking space? Is that entirely relevant, sir? I mean, here we are in mortal danger and you're worried about the Chinese delegates bringing two cars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryten View Post
    Its a good question. While I shall shed no tears over her demise, you have to wonder if it her son could ever have been truly de-radicalised, or whether he was just going along with it because thats what these inhumane individuals wanted.
    Unfortunately it's something we'll never know. Not that I want to try and justify the killing of any child, but maybe we should try stepping into the son's shoes - he may or may not have followed his mother's beliefs, and we'll never know how far along the slippery path his mind had gone, but how would you react to your mother's death at the hands of your 'enemy'? I think if he hadn't been killed, the incident itself would have cemented his place on that path - so I'm afraid it was quite probably an unintentional preemptive strike.

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    Let's face it, if she hadn't taken her son to Raqqa he would never have been radicalised in that particularly poisonous ideology. His death is on her.
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    No sympathy here, live by the sword and all that,

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    Oh dear, what a shame, NOT
    To quote a song title.
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    As a father of a child that age, I have no views to give. I do not agree or disagree with it, however I feel a little bit of sadness inside for the family who have to deal with this loss.

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    I hope she lived long enough to see her son die. A fitting end for a woman who takes an innocent child and ruins his future with a warped way of life.

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    Haven't we had this before were a known ISIS figurehead was meant to be killed yet found trying to sneak back in via Turkey. ISIS are reported to put false trails and also the guilt of the boy being killed might another rouge to garner sympathy by Corbynista for candles march or concert. He was a Caliphate Cub and might not have been with the mother.
    I would take this report with a pinch of salt.

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    good riddance to the vile bitch, hope she suffered massively
    fakir off !


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