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  1. Space for personal items?

    Hello, it might be a bit of an odd question but I'm wondering how much space people get for a career in the RAF. I'm packing up my stuff at the moment to ship to my parents but I'm unsure of how much I'll be able to keep with me on base or when deployed to say the Falklands or Ascention Island. Is it just clothes and a backpack or more? Should I be looking at a laptop rather than a full tower PC, that kind of thing. Thankyou for your time.

  2. If you are on ops you can send a boxful of gear out and back ahead of you, in general. My own take on this is that if you can't carry it all out, don't bother.

    One large bag of civvis and gear for Ops

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    It depends on your circumstances - I assume you're single. During basic training you will be accommodated in a barrack room with limited storage space in lockers, then through trade training you will most probably be in a 4-person room, again with limited wardrobe/locker space but once out of training you can expect to have a room to yourself. These can vary in size but will probably be the same size as the average bedroom in your folks house.

    As Stevienics says - deployments will be different but your stuff will still be in your room back at your permanent base.

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    I got rid of everything before I joined up. A decision I was to later regret.

    Granted you will have very limited space during basic and trade training (one small double wardrobe for civvie clothes during basic and then possible more space during trade training) but depending on your first posting you will more than likely get a single room (very few Units have shared accommodation these days). Keep stuff in storage, wait until your first posting and then make the decision as to what you can get rid of.
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  5. Yellow storage 50/month. Stick all your stuff in there and then draw it out/bin it once you leave Halton.

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    Stuff everything you own into storage (rental, dad's garage, whatever) until you've at least got through Ph1 and possibly Ph2 training. When you get to your first proper posting, you'll have your own room and you'll be able to work out pretty quickly how much stuff you can squeeze into it (a full tower PC isn't that hard to fit in). Where you get posted will dictate what sort of accommodation you get, which can vary considerably by location. As for going on Ops, you won't need many civvy clothes if you end up in the Middle East! FI / ASI / CYP are a different story entirely, but how much free time you have may depend on your job...

  7. Thankyou for the advice so far, its much appreciated. I'm going in as an ICT Tech, so computing is a hobby I'm turning into a career through the RAF. No idea on the free time but I've been told its like a 9-5 most days. I'm not workshy but I might be a bit too used to always having a nice piece of kit on hand for entertainment when work isn't in play. Picked up on another bit of advice to get a kindle to replace physical books with too.



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