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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe_90 View Post
    That must a new DIN for the future then because currently we're taxed differently.
    No it was a while ago, I'm sure it said that although the tax code is prefaced with an S, servicemen posted north of the wall wouldn't be disadvantaged and pay more tax. Maybe I misread it....
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    If you served unaccompanied and have a family home outside of Scotland which you go back to at the weekends then you wouldn't pay Scottish tax. Almost everyone else up north would pay the Scottish rate.

    When it first came in there was no difference which might be what the din was getting at.

    To be fair, most people serving in Scotland want to be there. I would be interested to see if anyone argues against a posting due to the increased taxation.

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  3. For a WO the difference is currently about 400 a year. Most spend more than that on private careers, the old giffers. If a change is brought to the 20% rate I can see more disquiet. JRs accommodation is already awful up here with no intention to improve it any time soon. When SACs start finding out they're taking home less money to live in **** I can see Lossie becoming a huge morale problem.


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