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  1. Reserves training - physical tasks

    I'm starting the RAF Halton Reserves course soon (15 day basic training). We have already done the RAFFT but I have heard there will be other physical tasks and assessments on the course at Halton. Can anyone provide details on what we'll be doing (e.g. circuits in gym, assault course, running, ...)? Thanks lots, Delta

  2. There won't be any. There isn't the time and in any case you are going to be hanging at the end of each day anyway. Your 15 day course is all about weapon systems, first aid, CBRN, General Service lectures and field-craft. There is a lot of practical practice and exercises outside plus a "camp" (I use the term loosely).

    In the hangar there are 2 forms of movement allowed. Marching or jogging. I suggest you jog as the former is a pain in the arse. It's actually a scream (after the first 2 days) and all you'll really do exercise wise is carry a lot of $hit around with you.

  3. I went through Halton 7 yeats ago so things may have changed and there will be someone along shortly that has more recent experience.. All we had to do was retake the RAFFT, some leapord crawling, a little bit of running around in full CBRN with respirator and a day doing fire and manouver in pairs. It was nothing too difficult at all as it was designed for every trade not just regiment. Everyone there (different ages and fittness levels) managed to fully engage in everything thrown at us.

    Delta I wouldn't worry about the phys while you are there, if you can do the RAFFT or even get close to it then you wont have a problem. If your'e worried that the phys wont be enough, then it will be a case of toughing it out and waiting to get back on your unit and asking for a beasting.

    My advice would be to not worry about it and just enjoy the experience as it will be a great laugh and a chnce to make some great friend.

  4. All we had to do was retake the RAFFT
    Not any more.All the rest. Yes.

    You are not allowed there now unless you have the competency.

  5. Yes, we had to take it in week 1 of BRTC and again at Halton

  6. Fitness Testing is not undertaken any more at Halton for Reserves. It is a requirement for attendance.

  7. Thanks all - it's very reassuring to have an idea of what to expect. I'm going to get my fitness into good shape before I go to Halton even if there aren't any specific assessments. Thanks again, much appreciated to hear from you all!



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