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Thread: Reserves - AST

  1. Reserves - AST

    Hi I'm new to this forum. I'm going through selection process for RAF Reserves but have had a setback.. I didn't pass the AST so have to do it again. I'm not stupid but my maths & science etc are rusty and I think that's what let me down plus I'm just not very good with timed tests/exams. I'm preparing for the second (final) attempt but am worried I'll be even more nervous. Can anyone shed any light as to why they make it so hard? It's not as if I'm going in at officer or engineer level; I'm hoping to join either as a gunner or FOA. I appreciate there'll be a lot of technical stuff to learn but don't they teach you all this anyway? I know standards have to be set high and it's a weeding out process but I was really shocked at how difficult it was and gutted I didn't pass. Any comments or tips would be appreciated.

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    Have a word with your local further education college. There are (or were) specialist and often free evening classes for people trying to put such things right for vocational purposes. I've taught on one, leading to RSA qualifications. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for that. I've actually found an online tutorial thing which looks quite good, just need to get practicing now for the next attempt. Cheers.

  4. Don't worry they are designed to put you under pressure and see if you will resort to guessing answers. Key to success is to practice and lots of it. I found there are quite a few pyshcometric tests available on line, also check out your local library. There is also a book available specific to the RAF AST. Depending on what role you are after depends on what areas you need achieve in, for RAF reg you need to score 2 on your Maths and Verbal if I remember correctly as well as achieving an overall pass.

  5. Google 'psychometric test examples' (because that's what the AST is). There are lots of FREE practice papers out there, don't pay unless you want to. Find the ones that have the same format/style as the AST and practice them as well.

    At school we had a class called 'verbal reasoning' and it was basically lessons in doing these all types of test so you could try that approach as well but I have never looked it up.
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