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  1. Importing a car to Cyprus

    Right then, job (virtually) done!!

    Before I start, this is only my experience from start to finish, it doesn't mean that it will work out any better or worse for you, but hopefully it will give you some idea of the steps required to get a car out here to Cyprus and registered etc. Also, this may only be of help to people posted to the WSBA (Aki and Epi) although it may still help for personnel on the ESBA.

    There are many ways that you may end up getting a garage to do this for you, for instance you may get a 'gizzit' from a garage and more than likely they will do all the donkey work for you - however this normally only happens when they think (at some stage) they're going to make some money out of you. Also be careful of some of the verbal 'buy back' guarantees - get any offer made to you in writing!!

    Also, wherever you go, take ALL of your documentation with you, I guarantee you'll forget (or they won't have told you) the correct documentation to take, so if you've got it all, you can't go wrong. Take copies of all your documents for yourself - if you want to re-register the car in the UK after your tour, having a copy of the original log book will be invaluable. Finally, when you finally give over your UK log book, remember to keep the 'other page' of it to send off the 'permanent export' section to DVLA.

    Anyway, on with the guide...

    In the UK and as soon as a posting notice comes through

    1. Work out how you are going to get your car out to Cyprus. There are only really 3 options. Any requirements will be specified when you go through the booking process :-

    a. Pay for it to be shipped with a civilian transport agent. This is expensive, probably in the region of £500-£700.

    b. Get it on the back of a herc coming out here. Not as expensive, I heard rumours of 'a couple of slabs of beer in the boot' going down well. The shortest transit time but probably with the longest waiting list. When I called there was nothing available for around 5-6 months which meant I couldn't use it. Also, a couple of things put me off this... If it's on a trooper, I guarantee someone will end up sleeping in your car for the journey and may not take as much care in there as you would and (although I'm not sure how true this is) if the plane gets into any difficulties, the first thing jettisoned out of the back door will be your car!!

    c. Get it out here on a ship via Marchwood. Cheapest (in that it's free) and less likely to see your car freefalling away from the plane. The boat carrying my car took 9 days to sail from Marchwood to Cyprus. There is always a clause that your car may need to be dropped off at another port if there was an emergency situation but the person I was speaking to at Marchwood had never heard of this happening. This also may cost you a couple of hundred Euros in port fees at the Cypriot end (if the ship docks in a civilian port) but if the ship docks at RAF Akrotiri, then there are no port fees. This was the option I took so all I can do is advise you for that option. I arrived a week or so before my car did, so I am not sure of the score if your car gets here before you.

    2. Whichever option you have chosen, I would strongly recommend that you sort out some transit insurance. Mine cost me £150 for a car valued at £10,000. I think when I got to Marchwood, they needed to see the transit insurance, so it's a requirement really. I got mine through Centor Insurance and this was the only company I had any contact with. Didn't have any problems but then again, I didn't have to claim - LINK

    3. Get you car to Brize/Marchwood at the specified time - or if you're paying a civvy firm for it, they may collect it for you.

    Get yourself to Cyprus

    4. Make contact with CJPU (someone at your new unit will know the number) and find out when your car will be available (this is only if your car is coming into Limassol). If your car is coming into RAF Akrotiri then you will need to speak to SBA customs at the airhead.

    5. Speak to your admin bods about getting a form C104A. You will need the UK log book for your car to get this. This is the form that shows you are entitled to a tax free car in Cyprus. You will not be able to get your car from the port without this.

    6. Sort out some insurance for drving it in Cyprus. Mine was about two thirds the price of insurance in the UK You will not be able to get your car from the port without this.

    7. Go to the port with all your documentation (C104A, both parts of your driving licence, log book, ID, Cypriot insurance documentation, JPA assignment order and anything else they decide you need - they will advise on this) and collect your car. At RAF Akrotiri (SBA Customs) they gave me a form C104 (Temporary import form) and this needs to be returned to them once the car is registered. This may be different if the car is collected from a civilian port.

    8. Take all your documentation to the nearest civilian port (in my case, Limassol) to the Cypriot Customs office. They will issue you with a form C72 (or A72, I can't remember) which is the form for a permanent import. This means your car is on the system so you can complete the next step.

    9. Get a Cypriot MOT. It doesn't matter if your UK MOT is still in force, you still need to do this! Cost is around 35 Euros.

    10. Go to your local Department of Transport office with all the above documentation plus your MOT (mine was in Limassol, but the procedure may be different in other offices). In the Limassol office, you need to drive around the back to get your car inspected (Chassis no etc.) and they (depending on how helpful they are) may well fill in the registration document fully for you.

    11. Get yourself (in my case) 2 stamps (I paid 5 Euros). I got mine from (and I kid you not) the woman who sits outside the offices by the roadside. I stuck these to the bottom corner of my UK log book.

    12. This is the expensive bit. Pop along the corridor with your documentation to register your car. You may get moved to a different person on the desks, but this may be because they speak better english or it may be that there is a specific car registration desk, I don't know. Costs for registering a car are listed further up the thread. If you are keeping it as a tax free car, you will only need to look at the '' link I posted earlier. As an example, I paid 874 Euros to register my car and for 7 months road tax (Tax is renewed end of June and end of December) for a 2 litre with quite high emissions. Anything over 2.25 litres will cost you an arm and a leg (at least DOUBLE my payment) to register and tax, you have been warned!! All the information on how much this will cost you in registration fees and car tax can be found HERE.

    13. Get some number plates - cost of 20 Euros fitted. Most car accesory shops will do them. Worth taking your Cypriot log book with you so there is no chance of asking for the wrong reg. number!!

    Whilst I've done my best, this isn't a perfect guide covering every eventuality, so some of it may not be relevant or correct for your situation. Hopefully though, it should help you miss a few of the pitfalls that can sometimes crop up (like the customs authorities getting the date wrong on my form, meaning I needed to go back a second time to get them to amend it).

    What I will say is that every person I have had to deal with regarding registering my car has been very helpful, even with the language barrier it has been nowhere near as painful as I thought it would be, so don't get too stressed out about it!!!

    Good luck with it and if you have any major differences or additions that would benifit this guide after you've imported your car, PM me and I'll attempt to add them.
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  2. Cheers for the above info it went nice and easy and nothing like the doom mongers said, I hope you don't mind but I copied your guid onto the BFC facebook page to give others who aren't on here some good gen.
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  3. Quick update on this - after years of overcharging for the registration fees (and being fined by the EU) I think that the Cypriot registration fees are set to change. I'm not 100% when it's coming in but it looks like a flat 150 Euro fee will be charged in the future (which would have saved me around 500 Euros!!)

  4. Current...?

    Hi im looking at importing my car through marchwood asap, waiting on the army mover people to get back to me with dates and what i need to do this end.Just wondering if the information above is still correct or if theres been any major changes??Cheers in advance!

  5. Well, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I have decided to import another car from the UK to Cyprus (the beauty of duty free car purchase!)So I should hopefully be able to give an update to this in a month or so, if only to keep it current. My car will be coming via limassol (so I'll have to pay port fees) so at least I'll have gone through the full procedure to report on it!Also (as Mrs Gnasher works there) it is also worth asking in your local HIVE - if they don't have the information, they should be able to get in touch with the HIVEs out in Cyprus which have even more information on this.

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    Gnasher, what's the fuel quality like over there?

    Say for example you have a car mapped to run on 99RON? Sticking a poor quality unleaded in it will cause pinking and thus seriously shorten the engines lifespan if a new map for the poor fuel is not installed.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Spearmint View Post
    Gnasher, what's the fuel quality like over there? Say for example you have a car mapped to run on 99RON? Sticking a poor quality unleaded in it will cause pinking and thus seriously shorten the engines lifespan if a new map for the poor fuel is not installed.
    Apologies for the delay - fuel is spot on. You get 95, 98 and 101+ RON fuels at some garages. I was running a tuned (remap and exhaust) Astra VXR out here with no issues on 98. Never tried 101+ but never needed to put 95 in it (if I couldn't have found 98).If those RON numbers are wrong, I'll put it another way... You get Unleaded, Super unleaded and Double hard barsteward unleaded (plus boring old diesel!)
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  8. Tother way round

    Back in December 1968 I did it the other way round. Arrived as a JT Radar Fitter posted to Troodos. Bought a car in Ypsonas, near Limassol. In the old days that was the only road up the mountain. The car was a 1960 Morgan 4/4 series 3 with a Ford 105E engine. yes I know, the hard way, not ideal at the top of the mountain. No amount of tinkering will ever get the fuel mixture right over a vertical range of 6400 feet.

    When I exported it, by boat, via Brindisi in Italy nobody in Cyprus seemed to care. As the car was UK spec there was no problem registering it at home. My only mistake was selling it. I paid £185 for it and sold it for £225. So a small profit, but today it's worth around £60,000 as only 58 were ever built.

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