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Thread: Cookie graphics

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    Cookie graphics


    Some of my cookie graphics have had their graphics changed and have a tag that shouldn't be there. My E-goat tag under favourites currently has the Amazon logo!

    I've tried deleting cookies from Tools/Internet options, virus scans, deleting the page and then going back in - all to no avail.

    Any ideas on how to restore it back to what it should be?

  2. they are called favicons, fixing depends on your browser and or google

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    Smile Favicons

    Thanks SC,

    now I know what they're called I googled it.

    There's a few blogs/discussions on it with all sorts theories blaming IE8, Norton 360 and Microsoft. However, it's affected many people who are running Kapersky, IE7 and other applications so the theries don't hold much water.

    Anyway, a blogger suggested I uncheck a box in the 'deleting browsing history' and it's all sorted.



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