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  1. Typhoons grounded

    Linky here

    Any typhoon people out there shed any light onto the issue? All typhoons have been grounded except for QRF due to an issue with the harness on the ejection seat.

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    Yes. I found that the aircraft 700 wasn't up to the correct AL state and numerous incorrectly filled in job cards across the fleet. The ejection seat story is a cover we released to hide the shocking state of Quality Assurance across the typhoon fleet.
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    Old Brucey could be right or perhaps this could also have a bearing on why.
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    It also shows the dangers of placing all your eggs in one basket.. Government take note.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I Look Like Kevin Costner View Post
    It also shows the dangers of placing all your eggs in one basket.. Government take note.
    They won't.
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    Typhoon Quick Reaction Alert in the UK and Falkland Islands have already been modified
    This would suggest that it's a relatively quick fix.

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  7. Word is normal service will be resumed early next week.
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    AFAIK it's a problem with the QRF on the seat, so should be sorted quite quickly, spares provided!

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    The spares have been provided... the problem is sorted. Just to work through the rest of the fleet and normal service will resume.
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    Excellent quote in the Sun

    Quote Originally Posted by The Sun View Post
    The grounding order came on Tuesday - the day before Battle of Britain Day...

    "It's a tad embarrassing being grounded over Battle of Britain Day. But the Germans and Italians have grounded theirs too."


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