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    Emmerdale confuses 7 year-olds

    What's a 7 year-old boy watching a soap for, anyway ?

    The first myth of Management is that it exists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ex-Bay View Post
    What's a 7 year-old boy watching a soap for, anyway ?
    For background noise whilst they're getting ready to go out on the lash.
    If it aint broke, break it, fix it and then tell your boss how good you are!

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    Having a Cockpit W***....
    Never mind the Jam Rags, what about the Arse Biscuits on display!
    Elitest B'stard.

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    boyowen Guest
    It isn't hard to understand. People live in a small Yorkshire village with only one road in or out. They all sleep with each other brothers and sisters sons and mothers you name it think this soap have covered it with regards incest. And you don't leave unless you in a box. There simple. LOL



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