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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Barch View Post
    If you are on Facebook get in touch with Alex Pollock, he is always out and about drinking and eating in Leicester.

    >> Alex <<
    Thanks but I binned FB a while back and have vowed not to use it again.
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    Have a look at the >> Knight & Garter << or maybe >> The Globe <<
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Barch View Post
    Have a look at the >> Knight & Garter << or maybe >> The Globe <<
    Nice one Barch, both of those look good with the sort of food we like!
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  4. Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States of A.

    Mrs Ted and I are back from a trip to Fredericksburg, Virginia where we attended the wedding ceremony of Ted jnr and his new American wife. Despite the wedding preparations I was able to visit a few bars and eateries in the Fredericksburg area. I must say that the part of Virginia we visited is quite beautiful and Fredericksburg in particular is a very nice place to visit. It also has quite a bit of history about it which I found very interesting.

    Spencer Devon Brewing is in the Fredericksburg historic district at 106 George Street. It has a long bar with stools plus booths and tables. Behind the bar is a glass screen where it is possible to see the brewers at work. On tap are about 10 of their own beers, I tried two and both were pretty good. The food menu has small bites of American classics with various sliders, mac and cheese, grits etc. There is also a sandwich menu and a brunch menu with more breakfasty type dishes on offer but because of the time of day we didn’t try the food.

    Just around the corner from Spencer Devon at 901 Caroline Street is an old style drug store called Goolrick’s. It has the classic long lunch counter and soda fountain. Food is just soup, chili, salad, various fruit pies, plus ice cream and drinks. Mrs Ted had a delicious chocolate milk shake made the old fashioned way while I had a root beer. The only disappointment was that the shake and soda were served in large polystyrene cups rather than glasses. Still, a real slice of Americana.

    Not far from Ted jnr’s new house is the Rusty Beaver at 18043 Jefferson Davis Highway, Ruther Glen. It’s a smallish bar in a shopping parade and the beer is brewed on site. Everyone here was really friendly and all the locals let on as we walked in. They had about 10 or more beers on draft and I tried a taster set of 6 beers. Although some were unusual (there was a sour beer and one flavoured with juniper) all were interesting and quite tasty. I particularly liked the brown ale and had a pint to follow the taster set. The Rusty beaver doesn’t do food but at the end of each table there was a large metal bucket full of peanuts to eat for free. This is a nice place to go for a beer, shame Ted Jnr doesn’t drink alcohol.

    Famous Dave’s at 10101 Jefferson Davis Highway, Fredericksburg is part of a BBQ chain. Although it advertised craft beer I didn’t see any on offer so settled for Samuel Adams Boston lager which was ok. The food was good though and the portions are large. We had a mixed plate which would serve about 4 people, it had ribs, chicken, pulled pork, brisket, corn bread, sweetcorn, fries, coleslaw and Wilbur beans (baked beans with bits of pork, beef and jalapeno) and was very tasty indeed.

    Harry’s Ale House, 5737 Plank Road, Fredericksburg was probably my favourite place. This is in a shopping parade but is large and industrial looking on the inside. It is a popular place and there were lots of families dining while we were there. There are 24 American craft beers on offer and an extensive menu. The lovely waitress said that all meals are cooked from scratch using local ingredients. I decided to try food of the south so had fried green tomatoes followed by shrimp and grits, it was really delicious. To accompany I had a taster set of 4 beers plus a pint to follow. Although all the beers were good, one was outstanding, Birthday Bomb an imperial stout brewed by Prairie Artisan Ales, it was 13% but so delicious. As with most places in America, soft drinks are refilled for free during meals. The music while we were there was mainly 60s British so I enjoyed it very much.

    Ted Jnr’s wedding was in the Kenmore Inn at 1200 Princess Anne Street in downtown Fredericksburg. As well as being available for weddings and other functions it has nine rooms for B&B, a pub and a restaurant. It’s in a beautiful old colonial style house with lovely gardens. Mr and Mrs Ted Jnr were wed in the courtyard and the reception was in one of the function rooms. The food was delicious and they did a very good job of having an Anglo-American theme with the food (eg, in addition to the usual buffet stuff there were bite size fried chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs etc for the American and fish and chips, beef wellington etc for the Anglo). In the pub they have Bud, Guiness and Amstel plus 4 craft beers on tap which are regularly rotated. A very nice place.

    As an aside I'd like to say it's great the way the septics treat their veterans. We took the Fredericksburg trolley tour and on board were two old geezers with veterans hats. A couple of people thanked them for their service. The trolley guide also did a nice speech during the tour thanking veterans for democracy, free speech, freedom of religion etc. Very good show.
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  5. Mrs Ted and I were in Germany at the weekend to watch Borussia Mönchengladbach's magnificent victory over FC Augsburg. We stayed in Düsseldorf but this time we were nearer to the Hauptbahnhof rather than the old town, however, just round the corner from the hotel was Brauerei Schumacher Stammhaus on Oststraße. If you're going there on a Saturday evening as we were you will need to book, fortunately we had. I had tasted Schumacher Alt beer before as on previous visits to Düsseldorf we had dined at Schumacher in Goldenen Kessel in the old town. They have two types of Alt, a traditional one and another called 1838er that has a more modern citrussy flavour. Food is traditional German fare, I had crispy pork knuckle with dumplings and red cabbage while Mrs Ted had schnitzel with bratkartoffeln and it was delicious. I don't normally do dessert but couldn't resist the rice pudding with hot cherries. The staff were really good and very friendly apart from the chap doing the bookings who was overwhelmed with requests for tables from those who were calling in on spec and was losing his rag a bit. We had a tremendous evening at Schumacher, great food and beer.
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  6. Mrs Ted and I are back from a visit to Mr & Mrs Ted Jr’s home in Virginia, USA. I have returned ever fatter than usual thanks to the great food and large portions.

    I was disappointed that two places have closed since my last visit, Famous Dave’s and The Rusty Beaver are no more although rumour has it that Rusty Beaver may re-open at a new site. My disappointment was short lived, however when we visited some establishments I had not tried before.

    Capital Ale House, 917 Caroline St, Fredericksburg. There is a very long bar with refrigerated pipes set into a shallow groove running along it. Further inside there are many booths and tables. The food menu is heavily influenced by American classics and the meal I had was delicious. There are more than 70 draft American and international beers to try plus a shedload of canned and bottled. They also have special nights with offers on certain dishes.

    Following an interesting visit to the civil war museums at the Tredegar Ironworks and the White House of the Confederacy in Richmond we called into Burger and Brew at 1300 N Boulevard, Richmond. Craft burgers and craft beers set in an old style American Diner. The area looked a bit rough but the restaurant was great. There is a good range of burgers and hot dogs and about 35 beers, mainly American craft with the odd international beer thrown in. I was told that the milkshakes were very good by those who don’t drink alcohol, that was everyone except me. To accompany my craft beer I chose a tremendous chili dawg and Mrs Ted amazed everyone, including the staff, by demolishing a Long Wong Gonzalez which is foot long 100% Angus beef hot dog (greedy cow).

    My favourite restaurant was Southern Soul Café which is in a strip mall at 105 Junction Drive, Ashland. Only soft drinks are available I’m afraid but the food is terrific. I had catfish with collard greens, mashed potato, gravy and cornbread. We all had a little taste of each other’s food and it was all good. The staff were really friendly and it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

    I found a good but somewhat expensive offy called Brew Exchange at 610 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg. The youngsters planned to light the firepit back at base and we were going to have sausages and smores (toasted marshmallows and a slab of chocolate between two Graham crackers, which are a bit like digestive biscuits) so I chose a few local Virginia beers to take home. Indeed, many supermarkets and shops had a good range of craft beers including many local brews. The exception was Walmart, where craft beers were rather thin on the ground, perfect if you prefer “lite” beer.

    On the menu at Southern Soul Café it said 10% discount for veterans so I showed my Defence Discount Card, received the discount and was thanked for serving. I was reluctant to ask for money off but Mrs Ted wasn’t and I was given discounts of between 5 and 15% in various shops, restaurants and at an archery range. Some places didn’t give a discount and some said they only did it on Veteran’s Day but it’s probably worth asking (or getting your other half to ask).
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  7. Weekend before last Mrs Ted and I went to Borussia Mönchengladbach's last home game of the season. It was an excellent 3-1 win over SC Freiburg. As usual we were based in Düsseldorf and on the Friday evening before the match I craved a change from pork knuckle or sausage and came over all burgery. The internet suggested Beef Brothers at Hunsrücken Str 19 so we made our way there via Zum Uerige and Zum Schlüssel beer halls and the world's longest bar down by the Rhine. We finally arrived at Beef Brothers where we had delicious gourmet burgers with sweet potato fries and home made coleslaw. The range of burgers was extensive with some combinations I hadn't seen before. I washed my burger down with a bottle of Uerige Alt. There is inside seating upstairs and outside seating downstairs.
    I'm as happy as a Frenchman who's just invented a pair of self-removing trousers


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