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    Half Man, Half Tree.

    This has got to be the strangest news story of the Millennia.

    Thanks to the Daily Telegraph for this remarkable article.

    I believe that Dede is a very remarkable person and I hope that modern medicine provides him a better life.


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    That article has got to be the most bizarre thing I have seen this year!! There is some really weird stuff in the world but they do say truth is stranger than fiction! I really hope he can get cured poor fella!

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    Got to admit that is an odd one, good that they may of found a way to help him
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    Mrs_Monobrow Guest
    Keep up Telegraph! I read this story about 6 months ago in chat magazine!

    Do hope they can help him though.

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    Discovery channel tomorrow night at 9pm. The paper probably ran the story to help advertise the programme.

    Check out the series website here.

    Coming attractions, Worlds Smallest Mum

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