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  • Wiggles369
    started a topic RAF Reg Officer fresh from OASC

    RAF Reg Officer fresh from OASC

    Hi all,

    I have just come back off OASC and awaiting to hear how it went (fine with fitness test and I think the rest went OK). If anyone has any questions about OASC just PM me. I am joining as Regiment Officer.
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  • Looking for a Gunners insight?

    Hey all,

    My names Craig and im quite new to this forum, I found it whilst I was researching information on the RAF Regiment.

    I was wondering if theres any RAF Gunners here that would be willing to offer me some advice and information regarding a few questions that I have. Be...
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  • PROC / Different branch options.


    I'm 31 and currently in the process of applying for a Commission in the RAF. I've been a civil servant for 8 years and have a degree and a MA and worked in quite a demanding job with a lot of responsibility.

    My first choice branch is RAF Regiment so I have to undergo...
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  • Regiment Officer and Pilot Filter Interview Questions

    Evening all,

    firstly please can I say how much of a Godsend this website has been in my preparation for my filter which is coming up shortly. This is one of my first posts and my first new topic so I'm new in that respect. So please let me introduce myself...Hi I'm Matt.

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  • RAF Regiment Gunners


    So I'm new to this posting business but have been through the forums several times before and they helped me get to the postition I'm in now. I'm due to leave for the Raf Regiment at Honington 1st November but I've got questions about going.

    1) I'm going to buy the basics...
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  • trelech
    started a topic pgsc


    hi just passed testing and interview for gunner i know PGSC have increased their fitness levels i can do the run and sit ups but im only hitting 35 press ups in a minute was just wondering how to improve them any tips oh and im doing the correct form elbows 90 degrees and all that but testing is in...
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  • PGAC soon! anyone else?

    Hi there, im fairly new to this website..
    but ive been going through the application process for sometime now, ive got my press up, sit up and treadmil test booked for 1st of december, just got to make sure my fitness improves for then.

    ive got my pgac weekend on the 1st of feb,...
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  • meadm
    started a topic Officer wanna be

    Officer wanna be

    Hi all, wanting to be an RAF officer. Failed apptitude for aircrew and have been told i can reapply in two months for ground crew officer non apptitude based branch.

    Looking at Supply and Logistics and regiment. can someone tell me about them? particularly trade training. All help and replies...
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  • gin27
    started a topic Auggie station roles

    Auggie station roles

    figured i might as well get down to business in my first post, so hello!

    I am looking to join the RauxAF as a gunner, and have a visit to RAF honington next week.
    i had previously been under the impression that it was a field squadron, but it seems it is primarily NBC/force protection...
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