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  • Filling out the application!


    I was curious to find out when you hear back from the RAF after you've filled out and sent off your application online?

    And when roughly do they want you attend tests etc?

    Thank you for all your help!

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  • Re-Enlistment Cell


    I am in the process of rejoining after having been out for less than 12 months. I have been told my application is currently sitting with the re-enlistment cell. Has anyone had any experience with this in regards to waiting times to hear?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
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  • Aptitude test RAF Cranwell ... what to take?

    I've just finished some late night Speed Distance Time questions, getting myself tucked up for a much needed sleep and suddenly thought about the process of the two day period of the aptitude test, including what should I take with me?

    Cheers in advance!!
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  • SarahClisby
    started a topic New to E-Goat

    New to E-Goat

    Hi Guys

    I am new to E-Goat so though i'd say hi. I am a recruiter who specialises in MOD and Defence contract & permanent roles in the UK and am keen to hear from you if you are on the look for a new role.

    I will be posting in the jobs section so please make sure you...
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  • Problem with an AFCO Personnel

    What does one do if you have an issue with one of the AFCO members of staff, I detected a "I don't want you in the RAF" vibe coming from said member of staff. Two of the other four people I was at the AFCO staff who dealt with the same person said exactly the same thing. I have also spoke...
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  • I'm new... be nice ;-) Flight Ops Officer anyone?!

    Hello all,

    I believe it is customary to introduce oneself when joining the forum, so here I am doing just that...

    I am 25 and was initially looking to apply to either Intelligence Officer or ABM, but seeing as the only one of my 9 A*-C GCSE's that was a C was Maths, and the...
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  • Ast numerical!

    Hey everyone! My first post here.

    Just after a bit of info regarding the Numerical Reasoning aspect of the AST. I have mine booked for nxt week and I am desperately trawling the internet trying to find examples of what the numerical part of the test constitutes.
    Maths isnít my strongest...
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  • AshBen89
    started a topic Phase two

    Phase two

    I am applying for RAF Logistics Supply

    I have just passed my selection test and interview and have my medical this wednesday (9th March 2011)

    Just wanted to know if anyone has any insight to the Phase Two training at RAF Halton?

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  • Irish1
    started a topic Residency Issues

    Residency Issues

    This is my first post so go easy please, anyways i am currently thinking of joining the raf as a pilot and i am 15 years old i fight all the requirements(height,eye,nationality etc..) except for the residency requirement i have lived in the Republic of Ireland all my live and as you need...
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  • Recruitment Status

    Hi, I'm trying to get some up to date information on recruitment status, specifically for the intelligence analyst trade.
    I've passed everything I need to pass, apart from the PRTC, in order to get in, and when I was at Chicksands the folks at the Air Intelligence Wing said that there was plenty...
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  • d00ner
    started a topic newbie to the forum, and the raf(hopefully!)

    newbie to the forum, and the raf(hopefully!)

    well, where to start?

    as a kid, i was always into the airshows (what 10 year old boy doesnt love the fast jets?) and this inevitabley lead to wanting to join the RAF. at 14 i joined my local ATC, but didnt get far as i had to leave within a year or so to concentrate on exams. after school,...
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  • kays12
    started a topic Job Change?

    Job Change?


    Wondering if somebody can provide a bit of advice....

    Probably the same as alot of people right now, I'm basically waiting for dates of my final interview in the Gen Tech Mechanical role - what i'm looking to find out is how easy would it be to change what job I am applying
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  • ashydr
    started a topic Intel Analyst

    Intel Analyst

    Hi all!

    I've searched these forums for a few days, now and not had much look as yet.

    Basically, I've applied to the RAF to be the Voice Intelligence Analyst, and I've been looking for any sort of rumours as to the reopening of when that trade shall hopefully become available....
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  • On PRTC Training. . Males & Females Separate?

    Hey guys new to this. But jsut wondering if males and females are separate on PRTC at Halton. . .Ive heard lots of things and Im a lil concerned.
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  • Hey, little help?


    I'm currently applying to the RAF for the Intelligence Analyst job, I had the aptitude test today and failed. :|

    Although I did the practice questions as given to me without any trouble at all. The actual tests were much harder. Essentially I didn't do the prep properly....
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