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  • Medical assessment after aptitude tests?

    Good morning all,

    Iím considering joining the RAF Reserves and Iím looking for confirmation of something that the RAF Careers helpline told me that didnít sound right.

    The advisor told me that candidates are medically assessed after both attending a Squadron open day...
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  • kaz2300
    started a topic BUPA


    Hi all

    I am a dependant and I am paying £150 every month for BUPA and this is supposed to be with the RAF discount. I was just wondering if anyone else was paying this much, as it seems very high?

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  • Medically discharged tier 1, dispute decision?

    good afternoon all,

    I have been on the phone to JPAC today and they have informed me I am being medically discharged under tier 1. Just wondering how I go about disputing this as I don't believe this is the correct tier for my condition. Just wondering if anyone had any advice on what...
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  • Groundsac
    started a topic Asthma when already serving?

    Asthma when already serving?

    Hello all, I have a question about asthma when already in the RAF that I'm looking for advice on.

    Im currently a ground trade SAC, hopefully going to be offered my tapes in the next couple of months, and currently in the very early stages of applying for my commission (ground officer)....
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  • cordy543
    started a topic Been recommended for medical discharge

    Been recommended for medical discharge

    Hi all,

    I've recently had a medical board where they recommended me for medical discharge because my condition is still ongoing even after my operation. (injury is lower back and leg pain after micro discectomy at l5 s1)
    the injury was sustained during an Interservice sport in 2014...
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    Last edited by cordy543; 22-10-2016, 11:45.

  • cordy543
    started a topic Medical discharge / PVR???

    Medical discharge / PVR???

    Just wondering if anybody could help me with my current predicament:

    I was injured whilst competing in RAF representative sport in June 2014, since then I have had an operation to remove part of the disc in my lower back that was causing the pain in my lower back and pressing on my nerve...
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  • Information on biomedical scientist role/application for life scientist?


    I am a post graduate life scientist not specialized in biomedical science.

    I am interested to know how I might apply for this role and some specifics on what I would be required to undertake beforehand?

    Things such as a conversion course, top up modules...
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  • Ninjabreadman
    started a topic Medical: Hyper-extension...

    Medical: Hyper-extension...

    Hi all,

    I broke my elbow back when I was younger, it's never caused any grief at all, it was never operated on and healed itself. I took part in my medical test yesterday passed all tests however... I have a slight hyper-extension of the left elbow so I'm now waiting for my GP to get back...
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  • new to e-goat - Q re; Med Boards & PMES

    Hello e-goatters,

    I haven't used a forum for years so bear with me. Perhaps there is a more suitable place to place this Q out there, if there is - please direct me.

    I am being referred to a medical board. I believe the wait is about 8-10 weeks at the moment and I do not...
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  • Pilot vision requirements on enlistment

    I left the RAF in 2006 and at that time I'm pretty sure that if you wanted to join up as a pilot you had to have perfect vision (uncorrected) or they wouldn't even consider you - can anyone tell me what the requirements are now please? A friend's son is looking at joining as a pilot but his eyesight...
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  • Turns out I'm colour blind damn it!

    Had my medical today and turns out I'm colour blind ... I struggled to see those numbers in that little book of dots big-time! Apart from that I passed everything else ... the thing is I've applied for the role of photographer (Reserves) and considering that I AM a photographer in civvy street (17 years...
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  • trelech
    started a topic gallbladder


    hi been told recently by the doc that i have gallstones, they have been causing me pain so he is recommending removing. Will i be able to stay in once i have had it removed or will i get med discharge.
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  • Prentiz
    started a topic Medical misery

    Medical misery

    I've been in the process of trying to rejoin the auggies for a while now and had progressed as far as my medical, when a slightly hysterical note from my GP about knee pain I'd had in the past, appended to a report he was asked to write on an old, fixed, in-service injury, derailed my progress. I've...
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  • SoloDolo
    started a topic Medical Problem?

    Medical Problem?

    Hi, i have my medical scheduled for the 29th, i suffer from quite bad hayfever could this make me fail my medical??
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  • Will i pass Medical with Metalic Implants ???

    Hello all, this is my first post and i understand if there arent many people who can give me a definitive answer, but, i broke my jaw nearly 3 years ago and have titanium implant on one side. Does anyone know firsthand or know anyone else who has passed medical or failed because of similar circumstances....
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