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  • zyonsbimp
    started a topic 100 Miles One Day!!!

    100 Miles One Day!!!

    On Sunday 2nd September 2012, I am going to attempt to skate 100miles to raise money for SSAFA. I will be skating with a group of people who are raising money for Sports Relief, but being a member of the Royal Air Force I thought I would go for a charity thats a bit closer to home so to speak.
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  • Jayan
    started a topic Fitness/Gym during work

    Fitness/Gym during work

    Can anyone tell me where to find the AP/JSP (if there is one) which lays out our entitlement to how much time we are expected to spend on fitness.

    Bit of a backstory to avoid obvious drama

    I have a civvy boss who thinks one session a week is adequate, I try to go on weekends,...
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  • OASC warm-up before fitness test

    Hi all,

    I have OASC in a few weeks and was wondering how long I have to warm-up before the fitness test.

    Will I have access to exercise equipment (like tread mill or cross trainer) or will I have to find other ways of warming up without them?

    How long do I get...
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  • AshBen89
    started a topic Phase two

    Phase two

    I am applying for RAF Logistics Supply

    I have just passed my selection test and interview and have my medical this wednesday (9th March 2011)

    Just wanted to know if anyone has any insight to the Phase Two training at RAF Halton?

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    Last edited by AshBen89; 07-03-2011, 17:15. Reason: Want Views and Responses

  • PGAC soon! anyone else?

    Hi there, im fairly new to this website..
    but ive been going through the application process for sometime now, ive got my press up, sit up and treadmil test booked for 1st of december, just got to make sure my fitness improves for then.

    ive got my pgac weekend on the 1st of feb,...
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  • 264
    started a topic Fitness test and bounty

    Fitness test and bounty

    Ladies and Gents

    I've heard a rumour that suggests that if we don't pass the fitness test twice a year it will mean no bounty.

    This is quite a jump from 'attempt the fitness test once a year'

    Anyone else heard anything to this affect?
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  • Vim_Fuego
    started a topic New Fitness Test Levels

    New Fitness Test Levels

    You heard it here first folks...

    If you're 40 and on 8.03 at the moment in the near future (October I've heard) you'll be on 9.03...

    Other age groups will go up in a similar vein...Don't know about the youths who are already on 9.10 but it would only be fair to bump them...
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  • zebideejones
    started a topic Too Old?

    Too Old?

    I have just had my filter interview with the AFCO who said she would recommend me for OASC! Hopefully this is at least 85% certainty that this may now go ahead!!!

    However I would like your opinion on my age! I am going for Administrative Officer and will obviously have to go through basic...
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    Last edited by zebideejones; 17-09-2008, 12:34.

  • big_dawg
    started a topic Multi Stage Fitness Test

    Multi Stage Fitness Test

    Hi All,
    I have today recieved my joining instructions for my first module of my basic recruit training course. It states that I will be undertaking the RAF reserve fitness assessment part 1, which takes the form of the multi stage fitness test.

    Am I right in thinking the MSFT is...
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