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  • Medically discharged tier 1, dispute decision?

    good afternoon all,

    I have been on the phone to JPAC today and they have informed me I am being medically discharged under tier 1. Just wondering how I go about disputing this as I don't believe this is the correct tier for my condition. Just wondering if anyone had any advice on what...
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  • cordy543
    started a topic Been recommended for medical discharge

    Been recommended for medical discharge

    Hi all,

    I've recently had a medical board where they recommended me for medical discharge because my condition is still ongoing even after my operation. (injury is lower back and leg pain after micro discectomy at l5 s1)
    the injury was sustained during an Interservice sport in 2014...
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  • cordy543
    started a topic Medical discharge / PVR???

    Medical discharge / PVR???

    Just wondering if anybody could help me with my current predicament:

    I was injured whilst competing in RAF representative sport in June 2014, since then I have had an operation to remove part of the disc in my lower back that was causing the pain in my lower back and pressing on my nerve...
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  • lucylu
    started a topic Terminations/Discharge


    I am very new to the RAF...very new. I only finished phase 2 training 2 months ago! However, my partner is moving to New Zealand June 2015...I obviously want to move with him but am not sure what to do about leaving the services. I don't think I can PVR because I have not done my 3 years return of service....
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  • bigtexo
    started a topic Compassionate Discharge?

    Compassionate Discharge?

    To make along story short I had a compassionate discharge kicked out this week, to say I am horrified its an understatement but I am wanting to know what ap or jsp is used for the guidance with regards to the compiling of the casework?
    I think PSF have royally mucked it up with ill-informed advice...
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  • turningworm
    started a topic what is QR607 (14)????

    what is QR607 (14)????

    Hi, I was med discharged under QR 607(14) about 7 years ago with a back injury. Since then I`ve got myself on a med degree and am looking at whether it`s feasible to re-enlist as a med officer after graduating (assuming I have the brainpower to get through). Anyone know what 607(14) means with regard...
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  • hacked off in the farce
    started a topic med cat question

    med cat question

    hiya medic types

    i have been downgraded since may 07 (insert the gags as you wish here...) so am close to the 18 month point now is a med board automatic after 18 months? sorry my med cat is a4g3z1.

    i have only got til sept 09 left in the farce and have been told it is unlikely...
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  • HELP!! medical/admin discharge

    hi there everyone this is my first post here so sorry if i am going over old ground but i need advice.

    Background: I have a long standing injury (5 years now) to my ankle that so far i have had 2 operations to try and fix and both so far have done little to mend the problem and have result...
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