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    Hi, Has anyone on here recently taken the Modern Languages Aptitude Test as I have recently applied to become a linguist and have been informed that I shall have to take the MLAT. I wondered if someone could tell me the format/structure of the test. For example is it all listening, written, grammar based or a combo of everything? Any information would be greatly received. I appreciate that you can not 'prep' as such but simply knowing roughly what to expect may help the nerves on the day! However, if I am wrong and there is a way of 'prepping' beforehand I would be grateful for an insight!

    In anticipation, Cracker.
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    Hiya mate,

    I did it recently in the hope of learing an operational language.

    The pass mark to be selected for an interview is 80%, unfortunately I got somewhere between 65% and 79% according to my JPA.
    Ive emaild DOLSU to see if I could have any chance with this score but have never had a reply.

    The exam is quite tough I thought. First section was not too bad, they tell you four (made up) words and when they are repeated
    you have to tick its translation. It then goes on to numbers, 1,2,3,4,10,20,30,40,100,200,300,400 and gives them to you in this
    fictional language. You hear a number spoken to you, and you write down what you think it is. These two sections where quite easy and I thought I was going to **** the exam.

    The next section starts getting tough. It almost became an English Language exam, hard to explain exactly what it asks but to be honest I found it tough.

    The final section was a memory test, you are given twenty fictional words and there translations, you then hear them read back to you in a random order and you have to translate.

    I hope this helps, and good luck, Im gutted I never did any better.


      If you've applied to become an Int An(V), don't hold your breath, MLAT or no MLAT.

      I've not done the MLAT in about 15 years but I doubt it's changed too much. In my experience though, it's not the greatest test of language aptitude. It can't be or I wouldn't have passed.

      Best of luck!


        Saint Domingo - Thank you very much; very helpful! I thought about doing some 'brain training' games and the sort to try and get my brain used to thinking in that manner, other than that I suppose reading up on my grammar may be the only other way I can prepare. Thanks again x

        Vee2 - If you don't mind could you elaborate on your comment: 'If you've applied to become an Int An(V), don't hold your breath, MLAT or no MLAT.' I'm not sure what you mean by this. x