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    According to the press some 70 RAF medical and dental personnel will be made redundant in the last round of reductions.

    Just curious as to what sort of posts these might be bearing in mind the establishments are probably already on the small side.

    Not been active on eGoat for a few weeks having been busy testing the local NHS services. Can confirm that the CCU at Wythenshawe Hospital Manchester, the CCU and Cardiac Unit at North Manchester General Hospital passed with flying colours and grateful thanks!

    It was published on the raf families page I saw ODP on there for 3 jobs
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      Unfortunately the DIB link no longer works for me but IIRC it was around 10 hospital-based Medical Officers and a whole host of senior dental types (so no loss there then!).
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        There were a fair few hygienist slots to go too.
        Now when I was in the only people I actually had appointments cancelled was in the dental centre.
        It could have been through laziness, but imagine it would have been through not having enough to go around?

        Strange that they are now seen as surplus...