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    Rapier Techies

    Does anybody know what's going to happen to all them techies on Rapier when it goes to Pongoland?

    I would think that they must be Armourers, Ground techs from GEF trades and Ground Radar trades, I would think that these techs would be returned to normal duties at station level somewhere.

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      Will they fired?....I'll get my coat!
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        Techs on Rapier are predominatley TG3 (as was). Mixture of AD's and ex TC's and AF's (from when they "amalgamated" TG3) mainly AD's hence JAFAD's (Just another Ferkin AD!) Most of these will find themselves on TCW, 1 ACC or redundant! The Sqn's also consist of 1 Armourer, 1 MT Dvr, 6 MT Fitters, 4 Gen Eng (2 of each) 3 Stackers and 2 Clerks. They will all go back to reality.
        PS: Believe it or not the RE guys don't actually want Rapier, its too unwieldy for what they use it for, they prefr guns or HVM. They are having to observe the Regt Cat boards and Staneval's as the RAF Regt are better at it than the RE and the latest SOPs written were 10% new, 10% RE SOP's ands 80% RAF Regt! Hmmmm? My dads bigger than your dad argument in the halls of power perhaps?
        Well I heard about the Goater you bin dancin' with, all over the neighbourhood, so why din' you ask me RAFBird, or did'n u think I could.



          It was actually MOd and the RAF who "lost" rapier to the army, origionally there were supposed to be 2 RAF Sqns left, however someone somewhere said that that was not enough and wanted three.....Govt said..NO...if You want thre You can have non...give it to the army (16 Regt.)
          As Stax said, the techs will be swallowed up within 1ACC or TCW (as these are pretty much the only jobs left in Tg 3/4!).