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Where are RAFAT personnel housed?

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    Where are RAFAT personnel housed?

    Hi there. I'm hoping to one day get posted to RAFAT (The Red Arrows) and was wondering where they house personnel on RAFAT. I know there is a shortage of housing in Lincolnshire and heard that some are at Kirton in Lindsey. Can anyone give me any up to date info and what grade the MQ's are at Scampton,do they have garages, what it's like at the moment with respect to crime etc and is there a decent gym and any good cross country running routes around as on Memory map there doesn't seem to be many footpaths. I'm a Cpl and just been picked up for my 3rd so don't know if that makes a difference? Cheers, MF

    There is SFA at Kirton-in-Lindsey but it should no longer be being offered by DIO. The majority of RAFAT personnel in SFA are at Scampton, however as you correctly stated the Lincs housing situation means you may be offered somewhere cross-county.

    SFA is a mix of grade 2 and grade 3, mix of with & without garages. Crime isn't bad but it is a rough estate the deeper you go - much of it has been sold to civvies.

    Gym is alright, nothing to shout about and quite small, but does the job for most people. Running routes are there, mostly road or track but cross country probably possible with a bit of planning.

    Hope that helps.