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    General Housing , Area and SFA information

    Morning E-Goaters

    Before anyone jumps all over me (chance would be a fine thing, I ask and ask...) I've been given permission from Head Admin Honcho to post about this. So thanks for putting up with the invasion

    I'm Evil_Adjutant (Admin from Arrse/Rear Party/Navy Net) and we've been working on a pet project - still in it's thumb-sucking stage, but we're getting there - called

    The aim of it is to provide a wiki-style , one-stop site for Armed Forces who are moving about to wherever they may be going; Germany, Belize, Cyprus, Oxford, Hull , to give an overview of the area, HIVE contact details; "real people" input and suggestions on the SFA, good restaurants and basically what's on in the SFA area, including vets, doctors (recommended or those to avoid) and the like.

    Without people's contributions, it won't have the same value. Honest opinions - tempered language, of course - and hints and tips are all welcome on PatchPedia. We have a few RAF wives-of on but not enough living in the areas we have little or no information on.

    If anyone would like to join in / make suggestions / provide feedback or comment, we'd be glad to receive it. Our main aim is that there is nowhere on the web that is immediately accessible for people moving or planning a move, that will provide the details we're hoping for on the site.

    It's free - of course - and even the MoD have said that it's a good idea.

    Thanks for putting up with me


    I've had a quick look......I guess it's a good idea for guys/gals getting posted around...and their families too.

    Just wary of security implications. How much detail would go in the site?

    "War is God's way of teaching Americans geography."


      We're very, very conscious about the security implications. On Rear Party alone, PerSec and OpSec details are removed immediately if a user posts anything significant and the users themselves tend to jump on someone if they've posted information that makes them or their other half identifiable. In the introductory e-mail to new members, there is a very obvious "read this link about your own details" thread sent to them.

      Patch Pedia is no exception.

      Patch Pedia information will only show information that could be found, say, using Google Street View at the very most (if it's on there, there's nothing to stop anyone from looking up their road name etc. on Google itself) and no house numbers or suchlike will be posted on Patch Pedia. It's more a "the 3 bedroom accommodation is about "x" in size, you'd fit a "x" sized bed in room 3" sort of thing. Basically, anything that would be helpful for forces families on the move.

      The MoD have also asked us about this (they quite like the idea of Patch Pedia) and they've been reassured and seem to be happy with the format and approach. Not that it's anything to do with them, of course.

      We have a serving member as Uber Admin, or whatever you want to call it (Sysop Admin) and when changes are made to PP, obviously the Admin (myself, Good CO and Bad CO ) all have view of that and it is checked regularly.

      Hopefully users' input to Patch Pedia will be sensible regarding security implications - if you have a look on Facebook for Married Quarters (Group) then you'll see what we're trying to avoid. I'm still biting my tongue to write to the group creation where peoples real names, addresses, move-dates, particular property they're moving into, what their husband and kids names are , etc, are being posted - or being made incredibly easy to find. That's not our goal AT all.

      Hope that helps - let me know if you have any other queries - would be glad to expand on it all.

      I'm also about to start a write-up of an RAF area as we've had queries on Rear Party about it and no information is available, as of yet, on PP. I'll post the link for more ideas on here, if that's ok, next week.