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' When I was in Germany...'Memories of RAFG

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    Bruggen (431MU) 89 - 94 and then again to hand it over the the Army (as Javelin Barracks) from 00 - 02.

    The first time I was in MQ's at Wickrath for those who remember it, and then for the last year in Elmpt.

    The second time I was MQ'd at Wildenrath and had an 18 month party winding the unit down, what an amazing time that was, lucky I remember any of it really.

    Never had so much money needed to be spent by so few!


      When I was in Germany ..

      I was at Wildenrath ..

      The Vending Area after a Naafi Bop with competitions to see who could eat the most Fish Finger Rolls !!

      The Red Hen and the Borderline Legal Dutch Girls

      The Long walk up that drag bag to the Block

      Bowling in the First Post in the Village

      Pool Parties and BBQ'S where the seats were slabs of Becks and Wobbly and the Cold Beer came from the shower which had the slabs stacked under the flow of cool water .. Fiver a slab as I recall

      Schnapps of every flavour .. and Jaegermeister.

      Being able to find a taxi with no problems .. they were all beige Mercs !!

      Night out with the 92 Linies to the the tune of "Cobra's Here, Cobra's there, Cobra's every fcuking where !!"

      Trooper Flights with Brittania Airways .. nice Stewardesses.

      Endless credit from the Sparkasse Bank .. and those stupid cheques !!

      Getting SKY in the Block and the ONLY thing you paid for were the movies .. FREE FOOTBALL !!

      Shagging some Guys visiting sister in the Block and kicking her out before my boner subsided .. then her brother taking issue with that.

      German Women .. and their reluctance to shave .. anywhere.


        When i was in Germany..VASS Laabruch..'88-92....
        Free buses to and from Goch
        Argentinian steak house in Kevlear?
        Dp discos in the Mally
        Huge **** up in the mess after the Ample Gain meet
        Alpago's champagne ice cream
        Flying to Nijmegan with the yanks on Friday.. back on Monday morning straight to work (during the marches).
        Shoarma....nuff said!!!!!


          TACEVALS, MAXIVALS, MINIVALS, Callouts at 2am, Q Scrambles. Survival Scrambles. Egg Banjos. 12 hour shifts in NBC Black. Wearing Gas masks on OTRs. Work hard, play harder. Sense of pride and Sense of purpose. Community spirit. Every section having a bar. Drunks wandering up and down main drag on Friday nights in the remnants of their uniform. People smiling. Neighbours who greeted you with the words ' Hello mate fancy a beer'. Corridor parties in Sqn blocks with all the scalies and wives invited. Asbach and Coke. NAAFI Stamps. Gifts and Durables at JHQ. Sqn camping trips to the Mosel Vally. Speeding fines with no points, just pay up and that is the end of it. Mally Wagon , NAAFI Wagon, Currywurst, 1/2 Hanchen, Gyros, Germany gaming machines that no one understood. Shopping Trips to Gelenkirshen to the NATEX and the Sentry club for Pizza and beer. Friends for life.

          and finally tourex date, getting back to UK and putting in another application for Germany

          Gosh I miss it


            Right listen in yous bunch of boring c0cks.

            No one is interestede in yous lot going on about boring cr@p like what yous are talking about. Yous lot ayre living in the past, and need to get a grip and swich on. I went there once and it was rubbish, all the teccys were scared of us lot , but we give the ****as a good kiking anyways, and taught them not to fcuk with the corps. listen in beefburger, yous dont no anything about exercises. yous are spouting onm aboutr them, but havent a clue what its all about. yous need to sort your life out.


              PS, can you resrict your posts to around 2230, they help me get to sleep.


                I honestly, really do look forward to PS's post's.

                Keep it up PS.

                The horror, the horror.


                  On the lash with Wobbly!

                  Did two tours at Bruggen in the 90's with a 14 month interval between, many of the highlights have already been mentioned on this thread, But I do seem to recall the first beer of the tour (Dorty with ice on the bottle owing to the mally fridge not working properly) jobs a good un! had a near religious awakening type of experience, when visiting the Bitburger brewery and the conversion was complete, although the wobbly runs it very close. Talking of Wobbly I was also on hand when Mrs Wobbly had her first, and I had 2 bottles of Moet won in the Sqn christmas draw so headed over to Wobbly's gaff at Wilders and got completetly hammered with him. In fact that was the overriding theme of going to "Chez Wobbly" sitting in his garden with the Bratties on the "BX special Webber" listening to concerts from the airfield such monsters of rock as Tina Turner, Brian Adams & Bitty McLean (Who?) and the nutters thrashing there bikes up and down the runway when "rock am ring" was in town. Thursday night shift giving the lads an early knock off only to find that no-one wanted to leave until the 9 o clock Shift Shoarma had been delivered and consumed. Happy days indeed.
                  When you're in a hole stop digging!!!


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                    Hehehehe, now those were the days eh? That tale brought back some good BFG memories

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                      Only excercised in Germany. 2 weeks in Sennelager, but what a two weeks. 1 Euro for the litre bottles of Becks in the NAAFI. Whore house opposite the camp entrance. Hoegarden with Banana Liquer in the local boozer.......if only I'd had a tour in germany. My beer gut would be much more of an impressive sight.


                        Laarbruch XV sqn 1978-81 and Gutersloh 1982-83 cant really add any more as all the memories I have have been stated already but real happy times the only problem I recall was just not appreciating just how good We had it back then.


                          When I was in Germany.....(Bruggen 97-99)

                          I always worked the late shift on fridays as a result of being still w@ankered on friday morning. Mainly owing to the Rugby club on the night before.

                          Also and rather bizarrely dreading Sunday mornings. Either as a result of waking up somewhere I couldnt pronounce, or if I made it home, having the rugby team kick my door in and tell me I was late for the bus.

                          It would appear those pesky bears have a lot to answer for!

                          But by GOD! was it fun


                            When I

                            When I was in Germany, 431 MU 80-81, Rugby club, Chicken Inn, Fear Drie Inn, MU Wine fests, (saw a bloke doing the front crawl up one of the storm drains wearing a duffle coat after on of those!) October fests (local and the proper one!) New motor. Putting Vodka in the wiper bottle as it was cheaper than screen wash. Sunday nights Queensway, Pops & Eddies, Carls and Piggale in Elmpt then back in time to open up the section as that 'kin hooter was blaring again. Staying in brilliant German hostelries whilst picking up bits of broken bombers and aircrew.

                            83-86 Gutesloh, best 3 years of my life. living above/in the Rugby club, Cracking Mally, Disco DPs at Hovelhof fair during Hill foil? Mengeles Hospital, Gezeke, other charming parts of Senalager. Upsetting the Army with our tally tailered HF Combats? and driving across pristine parade squares in muddy trucks. Punchin Rockapes in Club 47. Rugby tours to Alborg, Frankfurt, Canada, Berlin, or anywhere!
                            Sorry I can't go on, I've come over all emotional.


                              Bars at Bruggen

                              Fix-it Inn
                              Rhag Inn
                              Carrot And Stick
                              Football Club
                              Rugby Club
                              Fill It Inn
                              The Nightfighter
                              Crossbow Club
                              Cpls Club
                              Pac-it Inn
                              Fear Dry Inn
                              Bowling Alley
                              Stiff Inn
                              Regizzit Inn
                              Families Club
                              The Ranch
                              Fear Dry Inn
                              Wobbley Wheel

                              Any more???

                              I have never worn my uniform so many times on a Saturday morning in my life (that is if waking up in uniform with a bad head counts)


                                Originally posted by ROTORHEAD
                                . Punchin Rockapes in Club 47. Rugby tours to Alborg, Frankfurt, Canada, Berlin, or anywhere!
                                Sorry I can't go on, I've come over all emotional.
                                Right listen in yous neva punchded none of us Rocks, yous only punchedd there fist with your face.