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    Cyberspace Communication Specialist

    Hey all,

    I've recently had my AST at my local afco and passed! I've been thinking a lot about roles and no matter what I keep coming back to cyberspace communication specialist (it tech?) and after doing a bit of reading up, I've seen a few mixed opinions on the trade - some people saying it's (excuse my french) ****e and others saying it's the dogs balls. So I was wondering if anyone on the forum could provide me with a bit more details on what the role consists of and whether or not it's worth going for, in terms of both experience and promotion opportunities.

    I want the opportunity to get a bunch of qualifications, do a lot of courses etc so that when I do decide to come out I have a career so another question is what sort of opportunities are there in terms of qualifications?? I read that No.1 Training School is a microsoft and cisco accredited academy, does this mean that I could get Cisco qualifications from taking this role? My old man recently did a Cisco Datacentre Technician course with his company and was wondering if I'd get the opportunity to do similar things in the raf as that really appeals to me!!! If worst comes to worst and this role isn't suited to me, I'm also leaning towards AMM (I withdrew my application to take some time to think about what I want to do because I am doing a-levels at the moment but am finding they're not really for me.)

    thanks all sorry for any mistakes

    There will always be differing opinions on here. The problem with those differing opinions is they originate from trades which no longer exist.

    The trade has gone through numerous changes in the roles completed, training and entry requirements.

    The amount of courses you get in your service are dependant on the role you're posted into. There will always be the opportunity to get courses to develop yourself. I'm sure the roles you'd be doing are covered on the recruitment website but ultimately it's anything from IT system maintenance / development to network engineering to satcoms to radar and air navigational systems to voice services to information management - it's quite broad. Some areas don't interest me whatsoever but I've had the opportunity to try them, other areas do and that's what I try to stick with.

    One advantage of TG4 (CCS / ICT Tech) over AMM is that with TG4 you can pretty much be stationed at any base whereas you'll generally only go to a flying station as an AMM / A Tech.

    I can't answer your question on what qualifications you get from Cosford, it's a number of years since I went through..


      TG4 : It can be both *** or the dogs danglies, depending on postings and people....

      It is one of the most diverse trades, and you 'could' find yourself working Radar on one post, and moving to an IHub the next, or C4I on an Airfield, or 90SU in greens and deployed..... etc

      Usually the post your are in informs what training you will require.

      Promotion has been slow in the past, but is not too bad in the lower ranks, it stagnates a bit the higher you go.


        Thanks for replies guys.

        I really appreciate it and it's cleared up a few misconceptions I had. I really like the sound of this role as I want something diverse, not the same ol' stuff most of the time After doing a bit of my own research and (mostly) thanks to your replies I've decided that I'm going to forward my application with this role as soon as I'm finished with college. One last question tho! What are job opportunities outside of the forces like with this job? This is a big influence of picking my role because I want to have some decent job opportunities when I come out.

        Once again, thanks all!!!

        EDIT: Sorry for the slow reply, been smothered in college work