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    A while back, we had a plane brake down in Watisham, and I had to go to mend it.

    Being a Saturday, and working on a 24 hour station, we had to rely on the boss to cough up for the hotel for the night, and claim his dosh back Monday at 0800, when everyone else on the 24 hour station comes to work.

    Anyway there were 4 of us, me, 2 SAC's and the boss, cos we needed to LIM the aircraft.

    So after my drive we finally reach the hotel in Ipswich and cos we're RAF we obviously had to get the best hotel we could, so it cost the boss about 400 on his credit card.

    As we arrive the recepionist says

    " AH Mr ****, we've had a problem with your booking, so we've upgraded one of the rooms to the executive suite"

    "Champion" relplies the boss " I'll have that room"

    So now I have to pipe up

    "Boss" said I " I think it's best I have the exeutive suite"

    boss:-" But I paid for it , and I'm the boss"

    Me:-I've got 2 points here, Firstly the taxpayer is paying, and secondly when it comes to getting the best room, rank is not an issue, it all boils down to who's the hardest"

    So I spent the night in the executive suite. Result.
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