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    Worst bop?

    Where is the worst bop? Mine would have to be odiham, dingy little hole. It might have changed by now but about ten years ago it was poo.

    Marham, it was the worst Naafi Ive ever been to........about 5 people at their bop....lmao

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      Undoubtably, The Red Dragon Club at St Athan, whereby to increase interest they used to ship inthe Valley Commando's in on a thursday night, via coach. The Guards were under strict instructions not to stop the bus coming on camp, so as not to have repercussions of a sentry who was abducted and last seen wandering the Rhondda Valley wearing nothing but a pair of sheepskin underpants, DMS boots and a painful expression. While back on camp medics were called to an incident outside the bop: An unsuspecting lad had unwittingly refused the advances of one rather large and overbearing welsh princess, so she had taken it upon herself to grab his manhood - stimulate him to attention, the drag him dick first along the NAAFI wall, leaving a blood stained signature and a rather shorter appendage.
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        I must agree with you Tolka, the Odiham bop is proper sh1t!

        In a close second comes Colt. A relatively huge venue which, on a good night, could get one tenth full......with blokes, joy!

        Every time I attend the NAAFI bop to see the nylon knicker wearing WAAFs pull off their best moves and drink crappy ale, I kick myself and say never again. The last time was Wednesday, but I've now been ordered to attend tonight by Sausage2! (Congrats on beating anorexia by the way)

        When will it end? The only reason I can now see to attend is that it's the last place on camp that serves beer. On that note, what time do your bop's close, it's 1 here if we're lucky..............cheers sir!

        Seeing as I'm workin days tomorrow and I'm struggling to work up the enthusiasm to actually do any trade, I'll post a full review containing tonights events, should be good for a laugh!


          Well done PHAT , I would hate to have to lock you up for not obeying me.

          As for working tomorrow, so do I , you really need to adopt the ethos of " What could possibly go wrong"

          Re you lacking enthusiasm to do any trade, a top tip I picked up years ago is to walk around the hanger with a bit of paper in your hand, When you are asked to do anything, wave the bit of paper and say

          "I've really got to do this first"

          then dissapear quickly to the toilet, and by the time you come out, someone else will have invaribly been asked to do it.

          So I expect to see you at 1930 sharp with a pint a larger waiting for me.

          Remember if you march to the bar it will save you walking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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            Worse Bop......................................

            it has to be RAF Brize Norton... getting your pint served in a plastic pint tumbler and watching both Para's and TCW dance with each other (not together)... and the odd wraf.. getting chatted up by the whole of the camp..... a cattle market has more appeal.....


              I'm a bit scared from my one visit to Brize bop.

              A few years back we had a Wessex go u/s there, so we drove there to fix it.

              It was bop night, so at about 1800 we stopped work for the day, and changed into our cowboy gear.

              Now being eager boozers, and not knowing the best drinking holes in the area, we went to the NAAFI, but it was empty, in fact at the time we were the only ones in there.

              Me and my mate Eric are sat on bar stools, at the bar, facing the bar. I get a tap on my shoulder, so I have to turn around.

              I'm then faced with a baby para, and 5 of his mates.

              he said " What the **** are you looking at"

              I Said " the f**king bar"

              Him " do you want to make something of it"

              At this point I bravely walked away, like the coward I am.

              On another note
              After dragging Full Phat Roller to the bop last night, I'm pleased to report that the time is now 0820, we start work at 0700, and he still hasn't shown up

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                OK so it's 0850hrs. I'm late. I'm still pi$$ed and it sucks. I layed my last poker hand down at approx 0430 this morning and the last time I counted, I was on 9 pints.................before going to the bop. To top it all off, I think my fish are dead!

                The knock comes on my barrack room door about 0750hrs, with this I'm impressed as usually it's well past 1000 before anyone notices I'm not in. On reporting to my trade desk, I'm delighted, NOT, to find out that my SNCO is on leave along with every other fcuker. Today it's me and SAC (Q ops) Bloggs, that's it, no more, sh1t! I honestly believe I will achieve nothing today (thanks lean!).

                As far as the bop goes, last night actually (and I say this with reservation) was OK. Fcuk me, there were different birds in there, it was almost like they shipped in un-knowing locals in a St. Athan style. So I'm checkin' out this piece struttin' her funky stuff on the dance floor, thinkin' if I stare long enough, she'll come speak to me. It appears it doesn't happen like that, only 10 mins into my letching session and she's neckin' some fella, D'oh!

                I turn my attention to a previous conquest, who, despite my best efforts, finds SAC
                uglt tw@t more interesting. What is going on!? I fear since turning a year older recently my WAAF shaggin' abilities have diminished substantially, I'm like Samson without the wig, I'm struggling and I don't like it

                I'm now being summoned by Bloggs to go and do some work, I'm not impressed but I suppose that's why I got up this morning, sort of! Undoubtedely, last night's events will become somewhat less hazy throughout the day and once substantiated I will not hesistate to post them here (heavily edited of course)!

                All I need now is a fcuking brake pack change, that'll sober me up although I fear in my present state it could possibly take all day to complete.

                One final tought for now, sausage2, I might have been late but atleast I'm now not skyving off in the SNCO's mess having an executive breakfast, get back to work you c*#t, if I'm here, so should you be!!!
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                  Sh1t, sausage2 was still logged in on this pooter, that last post mas me!!!


                    Ah Phat, nice of you to turn up, on flexi time now are you.

                    While I may have had an executive breakfast, if you work hard, keep your nose clean, one day you might be able to do it.
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                      Originally posted by sausage2
                      Ah Phat, nice of you to turn up, on flexi time now are you.

                      While I may have had an executive breakfast, if you work hard, keep your nose clean, one day you might be able to do it.
                      well if u werent so ****ed last night u would be doing some work now wouldnt u!!! how long does breakfast take anyway?


                        The Pickle Factory at Henlow - dire


                          sorry folks, but our beloved Halton must take first prize for the worst bop. watching as the instructors circle overhead like vultures, waiting to dive on the not so unsuspecting girlies, with the lads standing helplessly by, crying into a plastic pint pot. oh the joy of watching this painfull exercise. they cant do anything about it any way because they are stuck to the carpat .


                            Originally posted by The FOMz
                            Ha dto be the Newcomers Club at Swinderby - what a toilet!
                            Wish I could have found out .. was too young to get in !! .. Had one of the poxy (green .. I think passes that showed I was under 18 .. dagnammit.


                              It has to be Aldergrove we have two of them and they are terrible
                              both as bad as each other. The best by far (and ive been in more
                              than my fair share) has to be Lyneham. As long as you avoid the
                              47AD lot that is.