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Wot! No real aeroplanes??

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    Wot! No real aeroplanes??

    Your home page is very stylish and I do like the goat itself. But the aeroplanes featured are merely support types - support trucks, support choppers and a support tanker. Where are the real aeroplanes - the fighters, the bombers, the dealers of death? It's as if you have forgotten what the RAF is all about!

    [QUOTE=Pluto] Where are the real aeroplanes - the fighters, the bombers, the dealers of death? QUOTE]

    In the shed in bits, robbed to death. That's if there are any left.




        First off. I was 13 years on Tornado, so that will get included. There was the tristar tanking the Tonka on the pic, but the goat got in the way. I will be making a new join screen on my next stand down and to keep you happy, I might include a "real aeroplane"

        And the RAF aint about just fast jets fella, although fast jets always seem to think they are (Ah I remember the days)

        I will try to include the odd Rock too, as they defend us on Telic. Hey, how about the admin clerk that hands you that next out of area? Or even......the bunch of civvies, as they seem to have inherited the airforce, taking all our best jobs and leaving us with the dross.

        Anyway, I have taken your comments on board and already have all the graphics to put together. Although I hope that we dont get another 40 odd trades banging on that we have missed them out. What will it be next,? "I worked on Gloster Gladiators"....hehehehe

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