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RAF's Regiment opens to women for the first time

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    RAF's Regiment opens to women for the first time

    The Royal Air Force has become the first branch of the British military to open up every role to men and women.
    From today it will accept applications from women to join the RAF Regiment - its ground-fighting force.

    The move follows a decision last year to lift the ban on females serving in close combat roles.

    The main role of the 2,000-strong RAF Regiment, which sustained casualties in Afghanistan, is to patrol and protect RAF bases and airfields.

    With women making up just 10% of the air force as a whole, there is unlikely to be a flood of applications, says BBC defence correspondent Jonathan Beale.

    But, he adds, it is a significant moment because it means women can now apply for any RAF role, from fighter pilot to ground support.

    The RAF's women will not be the first allowed to serve in close combat roles, as some recently joined the Royal Armoured Corps.

    But it will be another year before women can apply to enter army infantry units and the Royal Marines, where the physical demands can be tougher.

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      So now we have Rock Apes and Frock Apes!

      This race for total equality will prove to be damaging in some circumstances...the silent majority watches as a noisy minority's with time on their hands goes on more and more crusades that put people in potential positions where they will put others in peril. Whilst arguably some females are on a par strength wise its the exception not the when the sh1t hits the fan wil it take 2 gunners rather than one to haul a wounded person to safety? Are the Rocks (and Marines as of next month) mature enough and willing to accept this (i know they'll be ordered to but what happens at the level below that order is another matter).

      The Goat lives because you post interesting stuff...stop doing that and it will show us your stuff!!


        Will infanteers need to pass the same fitness test regardless of sex/gender does anybody know?


          Wil they be fully capable

          RAF Colerne 1970, home to 2 Field Regiment (I think). My memories are of these gentlemen running around the airfield carrying a bloody great telephone pole between them and being slightly inebriated outside the NAFFI on a sunny Sunday afternoon eating Tulips!

          Are the fairer sex able to live up to these great traditions or will they bring different challenges/abilities to the table (bed)?
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            Where are they going to get their hairy bollux to scratch?
            It all started with nothing, then it exploded.


              Worse still, will we see the birth of a female Penguinsucks?
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